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8 Ways To Add Salsa Dancing In Your Workout Routine

You want to add a bit of salsa to your workout routine, but doing this can be challenging. Don't worry too much about this. The following are eight ways you can add this dance style to your workout routines.

Learn it Well

One thing that will help with your workouts is to learn salsa well. It's challenging to add salsa to your activity if you don't have a good grasp of this dance style. Now, you don't have to be the perfect salsa dancer, but you should learn the basics. To increase your knowledge, watch a few online videos. This will help you feel more confident about adding certain steps to your workout. You can also just take a few classes nearby and add what you learn to your fitness regimen.

Add Music

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to add a little salsa to your workout is to play salsa music when you're working out. Something in the music makes you feel ready to dance, and that's the power you want to use right now. Go online or use a music app to listen to salsa music you can work out to. Choose songs that speak to you because those will bring out the salsa dancer in you.

Through Theater

If you want to add salsa to your workout routine, you can learn through dance theater. This form of art requires you to learn every type of dance out there, including salsa. Learning how to dance on Broadway can expose you to salsa and many other dance forms you might fall in love with. It's good to expand your skills because you can always use them in some way.

Using Movies

An exciting way to add a little more salsa to your workout routines is to use a few movies. Film has captured beautiful dance routines throughout the years, and some of those dance routines include a little salsa. If you're a bit of a visual learner and want to be inspired, consider movies like Cuban Fury, Along Came Polly, and The Mambo Kings, just to name a few.

Get a Partner

Sometimes, the only way to learn a particular dance is to get yourself a partner who knows it. A partner can guide your salsa skills and get you to a point where it'll be easy to add salsa to your workout routine. You will have to find someone you feel comfortable dancing with. Talk to a few folks until you find the right partner.

Find a Fusion

Some workout leaders love to fuse things. You can find folks mixing martial arts and workouts. You can find other teachers mixing various dance styles with fitness. Find an instructor who combines salsa and workout routines. This person can help you blend these into the workout you've been hoping for but weren't sure how to create.

With Clubs

Maybe you can't find a partner to help you learn, but perhaps you can find a few salsa dance clubs. These are places where people go to have fun and to dance. Go there to improve your craft even if you don't feel comfortable the first few times. People are more than willing to help you learn enough to easily include some of these dance moves with your workout routines.

Using a Book

Those who learn better by reading can do that as well. Some books can teach you how to salsa dance step-by-step. You should read a few books until you find an author who knows how to breaks down in a way you understand. Be sure there are enough detailed pictures or drawings. This will help you see how the steps should be done. Once you've got a good grasp of salsa, you can begin to incorporate it into your routine.

As you can see, adding salsa to your workout routine isn't as hard as you thought it might be. Choose the option that feels best to you, or try to combine a few ideas if you think that'll be easier.


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