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8 Ways to celebrate Ramadan with Kids

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Ramadan comes with a lot of joy and prosperity and so many people make different forms of celebration, including Ramadan evenings and we at Islamic Saturday School will display many ideas for the events of Ramadan in this article to celebrate the holy month.

Ramadan is a blessed month for all Muslims and is awaited by all around the world. Many people decorate their homes and streets to celebrate the holy month. The streets and houses are decorated with lights, lanterns, and some types of creative paperwork throughout the month. To celebrate Ramadan and to organise evenings for everyone to feel happy, including the joy especially for young children, today we offer you a variety of beautiful ideas for the work of Ramadan evenings.

Some innovative ideas by the Islamic Saturday School for the events of Ramadan:

Pay Attention to Decoration

Make many decorations for Ramadan evenings of lanterns to celebrate. There is a large variety of ideas that you can opt for decorative evenings, each of which flows from large and bold colors to low and elegant colors, so you can make them at home or can buy Umsetes from different places.

Use Henna Lanterns

Henna lanterns inspired by the lanterns Mason beautiful jar, which is characterized by the art of henna painted on them, making each one unique and you can use them in Ramadan to sit in groups and the family can be kept abroad work on wonderful additions to your decor.

Hanging Star Curtain of Boxes

These stellar boxes are made of handmade paper and decorated with beautiful designs, and the pre-installed gold tag makes it easy to hang quickly. You can fill it with nuts, chocolates, small gifts and more, which will make the children happy. In fact, instead of buying these boxes from outside make these at home with your kids. It will help in bringing out the creativity of a child.

Use Balloons and Four Stars for Decoration

You can make Ramadan evening’s decorations beautiful through the use of many balloons and four stars. It is an ideal way to decorate any room or work and give it to people on the streets to express the joy of Ramadan. This will teach the kids the power of sharing and the power of caring.

Banner of Ramadan

Celebrate the month of Ramadan with the ring handmade with the letters, “Ramadan Karim”, and put them using the papers, where you can customize the colors and coloring of the paper and then paste the banner on the walls.

Make Cards to Wish Ramadan

You can do some of the letters and a variety of decorations by writing the messages you want to congratulate people in Ramadan, and these forms are available in some libraries and in a variety of sizes. This will help your kids in knowing the meaning of Ramadan and Arabic letters.

Children’s Decoration Set

This set has everything — banner, siren, flags, balloons, table cards and more. Through it you can prepare your children to do some adornment; this will also be perfect for decorating baby’s room.

Mini Star Lanterns

These charming mini-lanterns are ideal for expressing happiness in Ramadan. They can be used to light the house at night or to line up at a table and give it a beautiful shape.

Aren’t these ideas by Islamic Saturday School sounds cool? So, this Ramadan be prepared and make the festive period more joyous by involving your kids into the preparation of Ramadan. Olive Tree Study is an Islamic Saturday School that provides teaching lessons to the kids about Islamic sciences and teaches.

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