How to manage your McAfee product subscription 2020?

How to manage your McAfee product subscription 2020?

McAfee Inc. is a cybersecurity company which provides various advanced tools for device and cybersecurity. One of the most well-known products of this company is McAfee antivirus. McAfee antivirus is known for offering the best internet security features. McAfee is the perfect antivirus for netizens as they spend most of their time on the internet so they require good protection. McAfee antivirus is considered as the best plan for 2020 as the internet threats are increasing day by day. Along with internet security; McAfee also provides advanced features for device and data protection. McAfee is a full package of security tools. 

McAfee antivirus offers a yearly subscription for their tools. Once you subscribe to McAfee antivirus then your device is protected from all the malware for a whole year. But you should remember to renew your McAfee plan from time to time. If you are thinking that how do I renew my McAfee subscription then there are two ways: auto-renewal and renewing McAfee manually. If your antivirus has an auto-renewal plan then you don’t have to worry about anything. McAfee will automatically renew the plan before it expires. The payment will be done from your credit card and your plan will be renewed for the next year. But all McAfee plans do not provide auto-renewal features. If your McAfee does not have auto-renewal features then you have to renew your McAfee plan manually.


Steps to check McAfee auto-renewal

You can easily check your McAfee auto-renewal from your McAfee account. Follow the steps mentioned below for to check auto-renewal mode in McAfee antivirus:

  1. Open your browser and search for McAfee antivirus

  2. McAfee homepage will open and then click on My Account

  3. Enter your McAfee username and password 

  4. Hit the login button

  5. Your McAfee account will open your screen

  6. Now click on the subscription

  7. You will get an auto-renewal button on the left side of your screen

  8. If it shows On status then your auto-renewal is enable

If it shows Off status then your auto-renewal is disabled. Toggle the button for enabling McAfee’s auto-renewal mode. If it shows “Your current plan is not applicable” then your antivirus doesn’t allow auto-renewal and you have to renew your McAfee plan manually.


How do I renew my McAfee subscription?

Renewing your McAfee antivirus is very easy as you can renew your McAfee plan from your McAfee account by following some simple steps. You can follow the steps mentioned here for renewing your McAfee plan:

  1. Open your McAfee dashboard and go to My Info page

  2. Click on Renew button and your page will be redirected to McAfee website

  3. You have to login your McAfee account with your McAfee username and password

  4. Now click on Subscriptions

  5. Hit the renew button

  6. You will get a prompt for confirmation

  7. Press the Yes button

Follow the given on-screen commands and then provide the billing details and wait to complete them. Once the process completes, your McAfee will get renewed. You can revisit the subscription page for confirmation. The price of McAfee will be the same as when you purchase the subscription unless you get any special offer. 


How to transfer your McAfee subscription from one PC to another?

This issue occurs when you are selling your old device and your McAfee subscription is not expired. If you are facing the same condition then you can transfer your McAfee subscription from one device to another. Here are the steps for renewing your McAfee antivirus:

  1. Open your PC and visit McAfee antivirus

  2. Click on My Account

  3. Enter your username and password for login

  4. Now click on the device you want to remove

  5. Hit the Deactivate button

Now you can easily download and install McAfee on another device. Open McAfee's account on the device you want to install McAfee. Again login McAfee account and go to My Account. Click on the Download button and then McAfee setup will start downloading on your device. Follow the on-screen commands for completing the McAfee installation process and then you can easily use McAfee features on your new device. 


How to use your additional licenses?

Many McAfee antivirus provides multiple licenses which means you can secure your several devices with one McAfee license. You can download and install McAfee on your Primary device and then easily share your subscription on other devices. Open McAfee on your primary account and then go to My subscription. Click on the Add device button and then click on send setup via the link. Now you have to enter your email address. Open your email address on the device you want to McAfee. Run the URL you get on your email and then McAfee will start installing on your new device. 

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