9 Essential Hand Tools That Every Home Needs

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Nationwide the question states as what are the basic tool that we need to store on the list and in the tool kit for electric

 Have you wondered the same?

 We have, with expert knowledge and the research put across detail study as to what you need to keep in the hand tool kit.

 Here is a list for you to look into.

 Let us go step by step, here is a detailed study on the product and its feature with the use.

 The Spanner

Buy Spanner Online A spanner is a tool that is in general used to tighten or loosen the nut to a bolt.

 The shape helps the nut to sit into the gap and when the handle or the gripper is turned in the direction desired to loosen to tighten the nut or bolt, the activity takes place.

It is a simple machine that serves a basic purpose that is to fix a nut or a bolt according to the requirement that is in a particular place

These are available in various shape and size so that they can serve various nut and bolt in a different place.

These can be in use through machinery and electrician as well, they use the open spanner for work.

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 Socket Set

 Adjustable set

 Rachet set

Basin set

Box set

Pipe set

Immersion set

Mole set

Strap set

 All vary in size and shape to serve the purpose as their name suggest.

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The plier and cutter

The plier and cutter have a various name and serve the same purpose, the purpose can adjust accordingly.

buy flat nose pliers

They are also called diagonal; side wise cutter and so on, which have the main purpose to cut wire. All plier and cutter as the name suggest are in use to cut the wire and not to adjust to turn anything like the spanner or another tool.

 They are as well in use to tune or grip metal element for use in house and industry. They thus range in various size and type. There are three main pliers including two other, they are

  • Slip joint, Water pump, Linesman, Locking and needle.

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The screwdriver and the bit driver

A screwdriver and bit driver are tools that are in use to put a screw or a bit screw in a certain area or an industry feature.

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All the screw has a pattern on itself such that a screwdriver tip can fit in it when rotating with pressure applied in it, it makes the crew rotate along with it, which can thus be used to either tighten or lose the screw.

These are various type in use, in a screwdriver with each serving a different purpose.

The slot heads

The Phillips heads

The Allen wrench

The Torx drive

The Robertson

In these, the top three are frequently in use than the other two days at the house and on industry level the other two are frequently in use.

This screwdriver as well come in a set such that they can manage all the purpose in a box itself.

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The socket set and accessory – A toolbox that includes the various tool in the kit that is in use for tightening and loosening the socket nut and bolt.

They are as well it is in to tighten the torque handle, Rachet, nut, and another screw as well, and also help you place then rightly for use.

The socket act like an extension to the screwdriver and tightening tool such that they shape square at aside and connect to the screwdriver which it’s called the driver screw and thus this placement help in use in ranging the tool nut correctly in the desired place.

They carry various tool and act as the kit in use.

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Is a laymen language in saying about the spanner

The spanner and the wrench are the same tools only with a different design. They serve the same purpose in use, that is, the tightening the nut.

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These wrenches may have the straight flat tool and can be open with a gripper and the other side having a smaller opening in the tool.

The gripper and the open can vary in size to fit that various nut and are made with in use stainless.

Types according to purpose are

  • Box type
  • The adjustable pipe
  • The straight

So according to the purpose, you can view what you looking for in the wrench.

To choose a set chain pipe wrenches is the good decision as it is most frequently in use these days at both house and industry level.

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The clamp – It is a diverse tool that is in use to hold any work in a certain place for a while and thus is in use in all industries especially the Handwork, Motor, Fan, Carpentry, making furniture and so on, as well is in use to weld any object on a large basis.

They vary in size according to its prose

The type in clamp include

  • The screw types
  • The G types

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Rack clamp

These are famous clamp which is widely in use in all the above, entuned industry.

The hammer

As all know, in general hammer is a tool that consists the wooden handle with a metal piece in it so that it can be in use to hit in a certain object to push it inwards.

In general, purpose, there are various types in hammer, twenty-three to say it in number.

It is a mechanical tool that pushes a throw on any object when force is applied on it

It can be in various colored, size and serve the same purpose on a various level, now it is a great period to buy claw hammers as there are trending deal available with guarantee delivery happiness.


To scrape, to cut, shape the object in the desired way with an easy than the tool is why a chisel is in use. Buy wood working chisels online with our suppliers, dealers and distributors in eleczo at best discounted price.

It has a scraper and a holder such that the holder acts a griper and the scraper to do the task it is a simple hand tool used for electrical appliances through electrician and also in the design industry.

Type in chisel are

  • With rubber
  • Might fast
  • Octagonal also


These tool are the marker for all electrical appliance in the industry.

They help in marking the center in the desired position in the wall ,such that they can place any screw or nut accordingly.


  • Centre
  • Drift

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