Flyer Printing

Flyer Printing

Flyer Printing

Just like sign printing, mug printing or T-shirt printing, a flyer is a cheap and cheerful way to get your brand in front of your customers. Flyer printing can be a great option to promote special events or offers, also providing customers with more information on a specific product or service. Making your flyer stand and hit all the right notes is not always as easy as it seems. To help you out when it comes to designing your next flyer, we have picked our top five things to avoid when it comes to flyer printing:

Flyer Printing

1. Color Palette:

Too much information is the worst thing you can have in a flyer. The headline must be short and to the point. A headline should be something that can instantly grab the customer’s attention and encourage them to read more. Try to keep your headline to two lines at most. Never forget to put a draft in front of some colleagues and check out their response before sending your flyer for print purpose. Also check that the headline must grab the reader’s attention?

2. Too much information:

If you would like to promote a new product, then it is mandatory to include the name, a price and a few key points. Don’t start to write a full story on the great benefits of it. Your customer will just want to know how much it is and what it does. Your customers live busy lives so they expect quick information. This means only include key points that a reader can easily scan down through and digest it.

3. Too much color:

A little color is enough for flyer printing. Too much color can make your flyer confusing, especially if you use lots of color in your text. Try to stick to colors that complement each other and work well with your brand image and your logo. When it comes to text in your logo, a consistent approach is always the best way. Try to use the same colour for all the text although you can use a different colour to help make a heading or price or special offer stand out.

4. Low quality images:

Use only high quality images for flyer printing. Low quality, pixilated images can make your flyer look bad and can cheapen the way customers see your brand. Infact, low quality images are not good at all for brochure printing, calendar printing etc. Avoid copying images straight from the website as they will be lower quality. You must only use quality stock images for a product.

5. Poor Spelling:

Poor grammar, spelling as well as wrong information is the things we have all come across at some stage when looking at a flyer. Be sure to proof your flyer at every stage of the design process and get your colleagues to double proof it before going for the final print. Never forget to check the more sensitive information like dates, prices and contact details as once they are printed, the only way to change them is to print again.

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