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A Brief Guide to Off-roading in Dubai

Passing through the Dubai desert by SUV is a remarkable encounter. En route, you will experience sand dunes, pleasant watercourses and rough mountain passes.

Passing through the Dubai desert by SUV is a remarkable encounter. En route, you will experience sand dunes, pleasant watercourses and rough mountain passes.

The desert difficulties can even be tough for prepared rough terrain vanquishers. It is tricky and flighty, and the surface under the wheels is constantly changing - sand, mud,  rocks.

If you are hoping to drive yourself, take the Express Desert Driving Course. We prescribe focusing on the courses given by the Emirates Driving Institute and Arabian Adventures as they incorporate the essential tips and practice. Additionally, there are Jeep Clubs in Dubai (for instance, Emirates Off-roaders). Experienced drivers are consistently prepared to share the insider facts of rough terrain driving with novices.

It's an easy decision that you need the wheels and Tyres that will satisfy the hopes of going on 4x4 romping. We suggest picking tires from a notable brand. Finding the best tires in UAE won't be an issue by any means!

Subsequent to picking a vehicle, first take a stab at the Fossil Rock level (its other name is Jebel Malaiah), situated making a course for Hatta, on the right-hand side of the Sharjah-Kalab Road (E102), close to Al Malaiah. This rough level gets its name from ancient marine limestone stores.

The Fossil Rock Plateau can be reached by a soil street, or you can make your own course and defeat the red sandhills  In the event that you wish, you can move to the highest point of the monster Bilayer ("Big Red") hill, situated off the roadway among Hatta and Oman (E44). There are steep dunes here for drivers of all expertise levels, from beginners to experts.

Buggy and ATVs

Have you ever longed for discovering what a desert rally is? Riding a carriage or an ATV will give you these sentiments. A buggy is a lightweight vehicle specially intended for dune hustling.

Sports seat, roll cage, 750cc motor, and powerful suspension for raging the hills at high speed. The experience is coordinated by Dune Buggy Dubai, while Dadabhai Travel offers morning ATV rides and entire day visits. Try not to deny yourself the delight of moving to the highest point of the ridge at a 45-degree point!

If you want to do everything yourself, drive from Dubai in your own vehicle along the E44 (Dubai-Hatta) parkway. After around 45 minutes' drive, you will see ATV and carriage rentals on the two roadsides. For 60 minutes, leasing an ATV will cost about AED 300 and a buggy around AED 500. If you can't arrive via vehicle all alone, take a taxi to your objective (it will cost about AED 100).

Conquering the mountains

Dubai is known for its differed territories, including the desert as well as the mountains. There are numerous mountain courses for SUVs, including the 15-kilometre journey from Nazwa Road to Pink Rocks. Once you are on the rough terrains, head east towards Pink Rocks (from Nazwa Road on the left of the Hatta Village). You would then be able to turn north and move opposite to the highlands or go south to get to the top.

Hatta is an hour's drive from Dubai - a realm of unlimited dunes and incredible mountain scenes. Drive along the sand in your rough terrain vehicle. Furthermore, If you need a genuine rush, climb one of the rough shelters that loom over dry riverbeds (aqueducts). You can even go cycling here. Take an off-road bicycle from Hatta Wadi Hub and take a stab at one of the 52 km areas of the path.

Travel expenses

If you hit the street in your own or leased SUV, make certain to get ready for your excursion. Our agenda will assist you with this:

  • Survival pack including toolbox, tow rope, shovel, lighting wires and jack
  • Completely functional vehicle
  • GPS guide with new firmware and paper map
  • Light
  • Foot pump
  • Mobile phone and portable charger
  • First aid kit
  • Off-road tyres (if you don’t have them, you can buy car tires online)
  • Spare off-road wheel
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Gas canister
  • Drinking water and food supply
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