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A complete guide about Himalayan salt home Décor

A Himalayan salt lamp is a beautiful amber-colored large chunk of Himalayan salt. It contains an incandescent light bulb inside and looks charming.

No doubt your home décor expresses the lifestyle and speaks a lot about your personality and preferences. But in my view, somehow it affects you physically and psychologically too. For example, if you place the organic and natural Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom, it will set your mood and make you have a good sleep. 

Adding natural products to the interior décor creates an environment that depicts the nature-loving version of your personality. They also charge you emotionally and make you feel how nature influences your interiors. Today we are talking about one of the most liked and trending natural home décor items, the Himalayan pink salt lamp. This article will explain how you can use it as a decorative and the therapeutic benefits it has.

What exactly is a Himalayan salt lamp?

A Himalayan salt lamp is a beautiful amber-colored large chunk of Himalayan salt. It contains an incandescent light bulb inside and looks charming. When lit, the lamp spreads a peach or pinkish-orange glow around. The lamp is handcrafted in many pretty shapes and sizes.

As the lamp contains pure pink rock salt, it sources all the health benefits of the salt. The pink salt comes from the khewra mines without the addition of any additive or chemical. It contains a high concentration of minerals and elements that give it a characteristic pink color. The rock salt is added to the food as a perfect substitute for the common table salt. It provides numerous health benefits to the human body. For example, balancing the pH level, improving the digestive system, regulating blood pressure and many others are some of the benefits.

Advantages of pink salt lamps

The salt lamp is a distinct combination of light and salt. It is great for aesthetic home decor, office décor, and much more! You can also use it as a night light or keep it on all day to enjoy the incredible benefits of Himalayan salt. 

Let’s walk through some of the benefits of using the lamp as a home décor item.


Himalayan pink salt lamps release negative ions when warm. The negative ions purify the air and kill the stress-causing positive ions. The excess use of electronic devices results in producing electromagnetic radiation. The radiation causes stress and anxiety in humans. The ionization feature of the lamp neutralizes the effect of radiation and boosts the immune system of the human body.

A famous lifestyle expert and the author of the book THE HOLISTIC HOME, Laura Benko describes:

“Himalayan salt lamps clean the air of pollutants, even electronic pollution that’s generated from phone chargers, laptops, alarm clocks, televisions—anything that plugs in. This unique attribute makes for a healthier environment, where you inexplicably just feel better.”

Better sleep 

The positive ions in the air reduce the blood supply to the brain that causes irregular sleep patterns. The negative ions from the salt lamp provide a comfortable sleep at night by killing the positive ions.

Improves mood

By improving the oxygen supply and blood circulation to the brain and boosting serotonin levels, the pink salt lamp elevates mood.  you feel happier and energized.

Relieves Respiratory disorders

One of the most remarkable features of Himalayan salt is that it is hygroscopic. Therefore it absorbs moisture from the surrounding air. The lamp also removes dust particles and allergens from the atmosphere. In this way, it alleviates cough, allergy, and symptoms of other respiratory conditions.


Decorating with salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps, with their soothing light and energy, bring numerous health perks to you. When lit, the pink color of this Himalayan salt chunk changes into an eye-catching bright orange. That is why it is a unique home décor piece that creates a contemporary and artistic interior look.

Should you put a salt lamp in your bedroom?

You can place this incredible piece of decoration anywhere inside your house. Keep it in the room either on a corner table or on a compact table placed in the middle of your room. The lamp gives the light adjusting option or a dimmer.  the dimmer makes you adjust the glow according to your need and comfort. A bulb with white-colored light will produce the original orange glow of the crystals. However, you can have a different light by inserting the bulb with the light of your choice. 

The salt lamps also vary in size and weight. You can choose the size that fits right in the place where you want to keep it. The salt lamp looks super attractive and also a budget-friendly option for you.

An interior designer Alex Fulton says that you can put the lamp anywhere you have the plug.

 Here we are describing some of the places in your house other than the bedrooms where you can keep the salt lamp to increase the look of the spot and to get the maximum health benefits.

Living room

 Placing a salt lamp in your living room where you spend most of your time can help you have the maximum healing benefits.

Study table

Put a salt lamp on your study table and have a productive time.


You can transform your regular bathing into a spa-like experience by keeping a Himalayan salt lamp in your bathroom.

The Himalayan salt lamp warning

To benefit from the lamps, make sure that you have an original one made of pure Himalayan salt. If it does not gets wet in moist conditions or has a bright light, it is not the authentic pink salt lamp. The original lamp has a soft glow and gets wet in the moisture-rich environment

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