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A Silk Pillowcase Can Do Wonders For Your Hair

If you're looking for silk pillowcases, you may be surprised at how expensive they can be. Silk pillowcase come from, yup, silk, an all-natural protein fibre from silk worms which is breathable and soft, so it lets air circulate easily. Silk is typically more costly than other types of fibres and is also more expensive than other types of pillowcases. So why do they cost so much? This article will explain the factors that make them so expensive.

The comparison between silk pillowcase and cotton pillowcase

Most people believe that all silk pillowcases and cotton pillows are created equal, because they are both made of natural materials. But this is far from true. There are three main types of silk fibres, and they include: iris, straight and waviness. The type of fibre you have determines what quality you get in your pillowcase.

Most silk pillowcases are created using the iris fibre, which is the most popular. It has a slight shine and is also very silky smooth. The iris does not absorb much heat (if any at all), which means it doesn't cause hot spots or hair breakage. But because it is also the most expensive type of fibre, it is also the priciest type of pillowcase available.

The difference of absorptions rate between silk pillowcases and other materials

Another main difference between this type of pillowcase and ordinary ones is the absorption rate. While ordinary pillowcases absorb up to 30% of their weight from your head, they don't retain this weight. Silk, on the other hand, keeps your head warm even when you aren't using it, which makes it ideal for use during beauty sleep. The higher the absorption rate, the softer your skin will become because warm air can still circulate through the hair shaft of the sleeper.

There are other reasons why silk pillowcases prove ideal for use during beauty routines. One is that it is known for its anti-bacterial properties, which can help keep bacteria away from your bed. Moreover, since it can resist hot and cold temperatures, it is great for use during summers when you might experience a lot of sweating due to your beauty routine. Many beauty experts also recommend it to those who want to avoid having scalp irritation or itching after their hair is done with their coloring, perming, or blow-drying.

Why pure silk pillowcase is a must choice for your bedroom?

But perhaps the most important reason why a pure mulberry silk pillowcase is ideal for your beauty routine is because of its hypoallergenic properties. As mentioned above, it can resist heat and moisture, so it is safe for people with scalp conditions like eczema or psoriasis. This also means that it is ideal for people with head injuries because it can help ease the pain. This is why it has been used by massage therapists for years.

So whether you have your own beauty practice or you're just trying to stay comfortably at home, there is nothing that can quite come close to pure mulberry or silk pillowcases. Of course, cotton is still a much better option for many, but as you get older or use certain chemicals, you may prefer the silky feel of a cotton pillow. The nice thing about satin pillowcases is that they can be machine washed and many are available in neutral colors to go along with any decor.

If you've ever tried to use a cotton pillowcase on a mane that is covered in lice, you know how frustrating it can be. The lice pull at the threads, creating an uncomfortable feeling that makes it nearly impossible to relax. Also, even though cotton is very smooth and pliable, it can still be very difficult to keep against a mane that has been colored or bleached. With a silk pillowcase on a mane that is covered with lice, you will notice a big difference in both the comfort and look of it. If you are looking forward to adding a luxurious touch to your bedroom with the help of silk pillowcases, then you cans simply log in to websites like


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