A Step-by-Step Guide for the Customers on the Latest Food Delivery App in Melbourne

Are you looking for a new app to satiate your growling stomach in the middle of the night? Here’s a step-by-step guide to do it.


Finding the perfect food delivery app has been a challenge because your heart wants to take a break from classic fast food for a while. Of course, you and your taste buds deserve the change, and there is an app to bring just what you need.

The latest food delivery app Melbourne has brought delicious benefits to your doorstep. For example, boring meals are a thing of the past now. Relish wholesome home-cooked meals from the nearby cooks without going out. So, let’s take a look at the steps that will take you to a drool-worthy journey.

Step 1: Sign up as a Customer

To unfold a gastronomic journey, you need to create an account. You will be given options to specify your user type, and you should choose “Customer” without a saying. Now, furnish the necessary details – insert your full name, email address and password. Before going to the next step, carefully peruse the terms and conditions. Instead of filling up the details, you can sign up by using your social media login. Then verify your account through a link sent via an email and get started.

Step 2: Geo-Localise Nearby Cooks

After signing up and getting done with verification, you are redirected to a dashboard. Recognised the map? Yes, it is your neighbourhood and your answer to growling hunger pangs. What does your soul desire for dinner tonight? Indian or Japanese? Explore the map and find what you are looking for. If you are craving for a bowl of Ramen, tap on Japanese cuisine. If it is curry night, select Indian. It seems quite fun, doesn’t it?

Step 3: Chat Session with the Cook

This is everyone’s favourite part because anyone can relish a personalised dining experience at home. Also, this solves the communication gap at the time of placing an order. So, ask the cook what he/she is serving today and how much the order will cost. The process is simple and convenient, especially when you need to convey specific cooking/delivery instructions.

Step 4: Confirm and Make the Payment

When the cook confirms your orders from his/her end, it is the time to pay. Choose your preferred payment method, and then the amount will be credited to the cook’s account right away. So, you can benefit from the contactless payment in this challenging hour. Don’t forget to go through the confirmation page and review the order details.

Step 5: Track the Order

The cook has accepted your order, you have paid for it, and now is the time to wait. Don’t worry; the wait does not seem like forever because you can stay updated on the preparation and delivery. The next page shows whether the order is in the cook’s kitchen or ready to reach the ultimate destination.

Step 6: Receive Your Order at the Doorstep

Since the cook takes care of the delivery, sit back and relax. When the order is delivered, you can rate the cook on the app. Bon appétit!

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