A Striking Poverty Essay Built on Examples

Writing Poverty Essays that Awake Consciousness

Writing Poverty Essays that Awake Consciousness

Today, poverty has become one of the most burning issues in the modern world. Despite constant struggle against poverty, the problem still remains. As the problem is discussed everywhere, including universities, quite often students are assigned to write a poverty essay. This task is aimed at involving young conscious people in the global discussion that will lead to the solution of the problem. With the help of such writing task, each student has an opportunity to reveal his/her personal understanding of the problem and to suggest possible actions to be taken by the society.


What is good about writing a poverty essay is that you won’t face the lack of information on this subject. Almost every day, we hear or read news concerning the situation in the countries suffering from poverty, all over the world. Your first task would be to gather the up-to-date information from different sources. This information will serve as the basis of your essay and support for your arguments. Next, you need to decide what exactly you will write about – global problem of poverty, or the local problem existing in your country, state, or town. In the first case, you can compare the situation in different countries. In the second one, you can concentrate on the problem that you witness yourself. As you know, even the highly developed countries still can’t fight poverty.


Like any other essay, poverty essay requires sufficient researching and gathering the necessary materials. Still, describing the situation on the basis of information found wouldn’t produce a good essay on poverty. What makes such a paper successful is providing suggestions about how the situation can be improved, how the destiny of poor people can be changed, and how the problem can finally fought once and forever. So, basically, you will need to describe the problem of poverty as it exists now, explain the factors that led to such a situation, and, which is the most complicated thing, give some advice of high effectiveness. One more task that you need to fulfill is to do your best so that to induce sympathy to those poor people you’re writing about.


What will help you to develop a good essay on poverty is an effectively chosen topic. An effective one is that is currently interesting, compelling, and gives enough space for a research. Besides, it’s better to choose such a topic that would give at least some possibility for giving advice and suggesting solutions. Informative topics explaining what the notion of poverty means or giving statistical data and historical information are not effective ones. On the contrary, the burning issues about poverty and children, causes of poverty, poverty and diseases are perfect to write on.


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