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Add Emotions to Your Email with AOL Mail Smileys

Add Emotions to Your Email with AOL Mail Smileys

Many AOL Mail customers all over the world are waiting patiently since a long time to get new and refreshing “smileys” in their AOL Mail.  Finally the wait is over! AOL mail is giving its customers 80 new and interesting ways to express yourself with the new beautiful and cute yellow smileys.  

Give the new touch to your emotions with the new AOL Mail Smileys. 

Your email message recipient cannot see you

You are not visible to the recipient of your email message. You cannot be seen smiling, you cannot be seen frowning. Your email message would not have the essential nonverbal communication which takes place when we talk to each other in person. As we all know, how we say is more essential than what we say. What we try to convey encoded in the tone, expression, and gestures are lost. They are quite undercover. 

The Mission Undercover Information Situation

When an email is personal, and the “undercover information” with the message is missing, the risk of a formidable misunderstanding increases. Misunderstandings can always happen, and however funny they might appear to be, they can also make life difficult for all the parties involved.

Everybody isn’t Shakespeare

Use language to express your feelings when writing an email. Your success in conveying your feelings varies depending upon how gifted you are as a writer. When it comes to expressing emotions, language becomes difficult. That’s why a shorthand called emoticons or smileys developed which offer a great way to convey emotions via email.

The emoticon indicates a wink and conveys a funny or a slightly sarcastic remark. The emoticon ???? looks like a smiling, winking face. Tilt your face to the left a bit and you would be able to see it. Smileys add emotions to your email the simple smiley ???? is the emoticon which conveys that you are smiling and happy about what you just said. The frowning face ???? is another essential emoticon. It conveys sadness and shows that you are unhappy about what you just said. Hopefully, you would not have to use it as often. The emoticon ???? conveys indifference and that you don’t care. It comes between the smiley and the frowning face. The laughing emoticon ???? can also be used. Let’s hope you get a chance to use it often.

Again I will like to emphasize on the use of emoticons while using personal emails as it’s about giving a personal touch and feeling to your email. But if you want any other type of help related to AOL, such as how to change AOL password, then with the help of some steps, we will give a solution to your problem. Click here AOL Change Password

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