Advantages of Buying Tractor Parts Online

In this post, we are showing the Advantages of Buying Tractor Parts Online, the Benefits of Buying Tractor Parts Online, and Top 10 Tractor Parts.

The offline market (showroom and store) is widely spread in India. From the old era, these markets are used for buying things. But with the development of technology, buying things through online platforms has become easier. Online platforms or websites provide complete information about things which you want to buy. 

Now you get complete details about tractors, parts, equipment, and many more things from websites and can buy these from sites. In this blog, we are showing some advantages of buying tractor parts online. 

Benefits of Buying Tractor Parts Online 

Here are the major benefits of buying tractor parts online. 

  • Wide Range 

Finding the correct parts of a tractor is sometimes difficult for farmers. A wide range of tractor parts are available at online websites. In physical stores, you can only get a limited stock of the parts. Online outlets provide important highlight points on their sites that encourage the farmers to find the right part effectively and quickly.

  • Filter Search Option 

Finding tractor parts in shops is quite a time-consuming and challenging task for anyone. An online platform is the best option for those who are finding tractor parts for a long time. On online platforms, you can get complete information about parts. By mentioning a model name, brand name, you can search for products. By this step, you can get all the details about components, like functionality, brand name, and price. 

  • 24/7 Service

The important benefit of an online platform is that it provides 24/7 service. With this facility, you can save a lot of time. 

  • Latest Updates of Product 

On online platforms, you get up to date information about products. The online source provides an instructive picture of tractor parts. The platform offers up to date information on products. 

  • Quick Ordering 

With an online platform, you can easily place an order for desired tractor products. After filling in all of the details about your shipping address, you can place an order after the products are delivered within a short period.

  • High Quality 

Online platforms provide high-quality products or parts for you. You can buy everything from online websites, even older tractor parts, which are beneficial for your pocket. You have only to pay for the order, without spending extra money on dealers. 

Top 10 Tractor Parts 

Here we have shortlisted the top 10 tractor parts with benefits. Have a look. 

  • Clutch 

Clutch is an essential part of the tractor which connects and disconnects the engine to driving wheels and transmission gears. It can transform power with slippage. By using friction, the clutch transmits power between driving members and driven members. 

Types of Clutch 

  1. Friction clutch
  2. Dog clutch 
  3. Fluid coupling 

Benefits of Clutch 

  1. Its operation is smooth and easy. 
  2. No heat-generating during the operation. 
  3. Provide frequent starts and stops. 
  4. There is no slip. 
  5. It works as a safety device. 
  • Tractor Front Axles & Three Point Hitch 

Front-wheel of tractor mounted on the front axle. It is an idler wheel that steers in various directions. Different adjustments of the tractor front axle are as follow:- 

  1. Toe-in 
  2. Caster angle 
  3. Camber angle

The three-point hitch is a combination of three links, two is a lower link, and one is an upper link. These links are used to connect the implements and tractors. 

  • Benefits of Three-Point Hitch 
  1. Easy control with implements
  2. Quickly attach implements 
  3. Good balancing with implements
  • Tractor Gear

Gears of tractor reduce the engine speed and improve the rear-wheel torque because the tractor engine runs at high speed, but the rear wheel requires power at low speed and high torque. 

There two types of gears are available:-

  1. Constant-mesh type
  2. Sliding mesh type

Benefits of Transmission Gears

  1. Easy to use
  2. More powerful
  3. more accurately
  4. Cost-effective
  • Steering System 

The steering system of the tractor controls the angular movement of the front wheel. It reduces the turning effort of the front wheels. The system includes 

  1. The Steering Wheel 
  2. Steering shaft 
  3. Steering gear
  4. Drop arm
  5. Drag link
  6. Steering arm
  7. Tie rod 
  8. Kingpin

The motion transmits to the drop arm’s angular motion by the steering shaft when the operator turns the steering wheel. 

  • Control System 

This system helps the tractor lift or hold the semi-mounted and mounted equipment, like the Indo farm tractor equipped with a controlling system for operating a three-point hitch. 

Precautions for the control system 

  1. You should use the oil of good grade in the tractor. 
  2. The oil tank should always be full. 
  3. You inspect all the nuts and bolts of the tractor tightened well. 
  4. The filter should check at a regular interval. 
  • Differential Unit

It is an arrangement of a gearbox that controls the front wheel's speed. The unit allows one of the rear wheels to rotate faster or slower than the other. When the tractor turns in curved ways, the inner wheel travels a lesser path than the outer wheel. Outer wheels require higher power than inner wheels. 

Benefits of Differential Unit

  1. It protects curved areas. 
  2. The unit controls the speed of the tractor. 
  • Brakes 

Brakes protect the operator from slippage. Apart from this, it provides a high grip and traction through the ground. It fitted on the driving axle and operated by two independent pedals. The working of brakes is based on the friction principle. 

Following are types of brakes

  1. Hydraulic brakes 
  2. Mechanical brakes

Benefits of Brakes 

  1. Protect from major accidents. 
  2. Save money. 
  3. Increase safety in tractors. 
  • Hitch 

Hitch is important for the implements. It helps the tractor for effective and efficient working. 

There are two types of hitch available:-

  1. Three-point hitch
  2. Drawbar hitch

Benefits of hitch 

  1. Easily attach heavy implements. 
  2. Suitable for heavy attachments. 
  • Control Board 

The control board traces the inner system of tractors. The board is fitted on the front side of the driver. 

The board consists of 

  1. Throttle lever
  2. Decompression lever
  3. Hour meter
  4. Light switch 
  5. Horn Hutton
  6. Battery charging indicator 
  7. Oil pressure indicator
  8. Water temperature gauge 
  • PTO (Power Take-Off)

PTO includes a shield, cover, and shaft. It is the component of the transmission system. 

If you are looking to buy a tractor and search nearby dealers for the best Indo Farm tractor price or other tractors. You can search online for different platforms like mobile applications & websites.

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