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call a Garage door repair Plano Easy Replacement: A single panel garage door can cause considerable damage to your vehicle if you ram the door with your car bumper.

The garage door has been in use for a very long and has undergone many improvements over the years. While single panel garage doors are trendy from the old days, newer options have emerged, such as multiple panel garage doors, which are available in different styles and materials and enhance your property's overall look in a significant way. Given below are some compelling reasons why you should consider switching to multiple door panel garage doors if you have a single panel garage door.


  1. New and safer lift design: Single panel garage door operates on a torsion spring which provides necessary lifting power to open and close the door and requires regular maintenance to ensure their smooth functioning. If you never adjust or replace a spring, then it poses a serious threat where this spring can snap suddenly releasing a dangerous level of energy that can cause unimaginable damage. In comparison to them, newer sectional doors come loaded with additional safety features designed to prevent injuries due to malfunctioning of springs and cables. Features such as lift cables, wrap-around torsion springs, safety brackets, and safety containment cables provide complete protection to you and your family in the event where torsion spring accidentally snaps out.
  2. Enhanced Material Choice Option: Single panel doors generally come in wood which requires regular maintenance as wood is sensitive to water, plus it is exposed to various other threats like termite damage. Also, it requires regular painting and seal inspection for its longevity. Steel and aluminum materials have various weight and fragility-related issues in a single panel garage door making this material unsuitable. In comparison to it, a sectional panel garage door enhances your selection choice in a great way. Since the door is in multiple pieces, steel and aluminum materials can be utilized. Also, wood composite, vinyl, and fiberglass can be used in these sectional doors as per your requirements. A multiple panel garage door allows you to recreate and enhance the overall look of your home in a great way plus provides additional safety also. For more information, call a Garage door repair Plano Easy Replacement: A single panel garage door can cause considerable damage to your vehicle if you ram the door with your car bumper. Also, you need to replace the entire door when such an accident happens, costing huge. If you are prone to parking accidents, the sectional door will make you happier as you need only to replace the damaged panel and not the entire door. Also, the damage caused is much less in comparison to a single panel.
  3. Less operating space: Single panel garage door requires larger room space when opened and closed. If you have stored a lot of material in your garage, then a single panel door is no longer an ideal option due to its space requirement. In comparison to it, multiple panel doors do not require large space allowing you to enjoy every bit of your driveway and garage space.


With so many benefits, multiple panel garage doors have become the ideal choice and are in great demand. To learn more if a multiple panel garage door is the right choice for your home, call the Garage door near you today.

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