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Air Conditioner Shopping Guide 2021

Over the past few decades, Samsung ac have become more of a necessity than a luxury in our own lives; we come across them at work, at home, and when we're out and around.

The body of an air conditioner

Over the past few decades, Midea ac price in Bangladesh have become more of a necessity than a luxury in our own lives; we come across them at work, at home, and when we're out and around. However, unless you are an engineer or a science-minded sort of individual, you may not have paid much thought to how they work. Switch in an air conditioner, and it only liberally cools or heats a space, right?

Understanding the fundamentals of how your device works, making minor adjustments to the settings can have the ability to reduce operating expenses.

Let us start by having an anatomy lesson

You might think about an air conditioner as a nice neat box on the wall using a unit outside but rest assured there's a lot more to a machine than this. Regardless of what kind of air purifier we're talking about, each air purifier will have the same essential components. We've broken these down below so that you understand the goal of each one.


This is a coil located in your interior unit, together with refrigerant flowing through it. In cooling mode, with the support of a lover, your indoor unit always draws in hot air above these cooling evaporator coils and blows it back in the room at a much lower temperature. As the refrigerant absorbs heat, it transforms from a liquid into a gas.


So, What Happens to the heat collected indoors? It travels through tubes to a compressor located in the exterior unit. The compressor's most important job would be to compress low-pressure refrigerant gas into a high-pressure refrigerant gas so that the heat could be expelled outside.


This is a second coil found in the outdoor unit, which receives hot, compressed refrigerant gas. With a dual fan's support, then expels this heat into the outside air, condensing the refrigerant gas into a liquid.

Expansion Valve

This is the final key piece of the mystery. It functions to regulate the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator. Combine the key elements, and what happens? Well, your system essentially works on a heating loop. The heat is absorbed from within your house and exhausted outside in summer, leaving your house cooler. In winter, heat is absorbed by the external air and used to heat your home.

The Function of refrigerants

We mentioned refrigerants earlier, as they're essential to the air purifying procedure. Still, what generates refrigerants so particular? Primarily, it is down to their capacity to change between liquid and gas states so readily.

The most frequent refrigerants today are R-32 and R-410A. While both are hydro fluorocarbons, R-32 is a better option since it's a significantly lower global warming potential, and this is what most Samsung air purifier's usage. Samsung was the first to present R-32 back in 2021, and also to facilitate adoption by other producers, Samsung granted free access to this R-32 patent for other manufacturers to use. This reflects Samsung's support of this Arrangement, a worldwide initiative to stage down HCFCs and lower the environmental impact of air-purifying refrigerants. Today, Samsung units using R-32 refrigerants are offered in over 70 countries worldwide.

Let's not overlook that moisture issues too.

When it comes to the heating and cooling system, the quantity of water vapor in the atmosphere is essential. The human body finds it more challenging to self-cool in humid surroundings so, when cooling; an air conditioner may also dehumidify the air. On the other hand, the ones with allergies or asthma may find an atmosphere that's too dry, irritable and uncomfortable. Samsung ac price in Bangladesh incorporate features that can balance the humidity indoors to create a more ideal and more comfortable atmosphere.

AC price in Bangladesh can efficiently filter out the air also. These filters not only trap most microscopic airborne particles but also assist in decomposing odor, absorbing and deactivating bacteria, so they are an excellent alternative for anyone concerned about the cleanliness of the air they're breathing.

Hot air rises. What does this mean?

One Scientific principle that's useful to think about in the context of air pollution is the fact that hot air rises. As the air heats up, it becomes less dense than the atmosphere around it, plus it floats to the surface in the same manner a cork floats in water.

When angling the louver’s in cooling mode, if you have a Whirlpool ac price in Bangladesh, point it towards the ceiling so the atmosphere can fall naturally to cool the whole space. If you need to put it in heat mode during winter, tilt the louver’s down so the hot air can heat the distance starting at your feet before the warm air rises.

Got any more questions about the science of air-purifying? Our specialists will be pleased to help. Describe the intricacies contact your local Samsung electronics Bangladesh.

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