Javakusum oil

Amazing Javakusum (Hibiscus) oil benefits for Hair

Besides making your garden look beautiful, the brightly coloured hibiscus flowers can provide amazing benefits to your hair. Hibiscus is also known as Ghudhal in India.

Besides making your garden look beautiful, the brightly coloured hibiscus flowers can provide amazing benefits to your hair. Hibiscus is also known as Ghudhal in India. Hibiscus is widely used in India for hair growth and is known for its healing properties. It is also used in many other herbal hair oils. It is one of the most well known herbs which is very beneficial for the hair growth, reducing dandruff, premature greying of hair etc. 

The hibiscus oil is extracted from hibiscus flowers and leaves which are rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamin A,C and amino acids. These vitamins and minerals provide numerous benefits to our hair. This is the reason hibiscus is considered as the major constituent of herbal shampoos and conditioners for your hair. Hibiscus oil takes around 6 years to 1 months to grow hair on the bald head. The result can also be delayed by changing one’s lifestyle and eating habits.

Commonly practitioners suggest you to use the hibiscus oil in the following procedure:

1. Massage the hair oil into your scalp and leave it for around 10 minutes.​​​​​​
2. Leave it in place for around 30 minutes.
3.Wash it properly using a mild shampoo.

Benefits of hibiscus oil for hair:

1. It prevents itchiness of the scalp: Hibiscus oil contains vitamin A and vitamin C which solves the problem of itchiness in the hair scalp. To solve this problem, boil some hibiscus flowers in water, allow it to cool and then use it as an after rinse to wash off your hair properly. You may use the onion oil by combining it with hibiscus oil. Onion oil provides so many benefits to your hair, one of it being that it keeps your scalp clean and healthy.

2. It prevents premature ageing of your hair: premature is caused due to hormonal changes and other issues. To prevent premature ageing of hair, you have to grind hibiscus leaves into fine powder, then add 1 cup of yogurt and 1 cup of hibiscus oil. Apply this mixture to your hair and allow it to stay. Wash it with lukewarm water after some time.

3. Makes your hair stronger: Hibiscus oil can also help in making your hair stronger. In order to strengthen your hair follicles, prepare a mixture by adding hibiscus oil with coconut oil and then add some hibiscus powder to the solution. Boil it for some time and then apply this hair mask on your scalp. Let it dry, and wash it with lukewarm water. Vitamin E also helps in making your hair stronger. Always choose the oil which is the best for you and determine its benefits for your hair and hair scalp. 

4. It helps in treating dandruff: Mixing some hibiscus oil with fenugreek seeds, it can help in preventing dandruff issues. Make a paste by grinding these seeds and then add a few drops of olive oil and hibiscus oil to it.  Apply it evenly on your scalp and let it dry for sometime. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. Alternatively, you may also use canola oil to solve your dandruff issues. 

5. It helps in making hair smooth and shiny: If you want your hair to be smooth and shiny, you can use hibiscus paste to treat your hair naturally. Make a paste using hibiscus powder and by adding aloe vera gel to it.  For better results, use this paste twice a week.

6. It cleanses your hair: Shampoos containing chemicals can remove natural oils from your hair and can result in hair loss. Give a break from these shampoos and make your own hibiscus shampoo at your home. There are many ways of making a hibiscus shampoo but the easiest one is mixing hibiscus with gram flour and water.


Using hibiscus oil will make your hair scalp healthy and your hair strong.


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