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An Easier Multi-Utility Bill Payment Platform Is Here

Worried about electricity bill payment? Fret not, the Best Electricity Bill Payment app is here. Install XPay Life to pay your bills easily from the comfort of your home. Choosing the old-school method of bill payment is not appreciated by the customers now.

Worried about electricity bill payment? Fret not, the Best Electricity Bill Payment app is here. Install XPay Life to pay your bills easily from the comfort of your home. Choosing the old-school method of bill payment is not appreciated by the customers now. The online modes of payments are efficient, reliable and consume less time. With increased usage of online modes of bill payments, numerous online bill payment apps are being launched on a daily basis in India. But from the ocean of online bill payment platforms, how will you choose one? Customers prefer choosing a platform which provides a high level of safety and is reliable.

XPay Life’s AMBIC Model provides a superior level of security. It does not allow the third party to make any changes in the stored customer data. XPay Life’s blockchain technology makes the transactions safe & protected. It is one of the best online utility bill payment platforms of India. It is a BBPS/NPCI recognized payment platform. Landline Bill Payment can be easily and safely done by using XPay Life. Bills can be paid using XPay Life App, Web portal, POS Devices, self-service Touch Screen ATP Kiosks and the mobile vans.

Urban customers can easily pay their bills using XPay Life app or web portal. Around 60% of urban customers have smartphones, out of them around 35–40% of customers are paying bills using online platforms. They do Online Gas Payment using online methods. XPay Life mainly focuses on making bill payments easier for the rural customers. They have to travel large distances to pay their bills. Sometimes, they even have to take a day off from their work. This bill payment costs them a day’s wage. To remove this trouble, XPay Life is running numerous Mobile Vans.

These mobile vans are well-furnished and are equipped with a self-service Touch Screen ATP Kiosk, a mini ATM machine and a vending machine which dispenses sanitary napkins & condoms in rural areas. These vans visit the distant villages regularly and collect the bill payments. The ATP kiosks accept cashless as well as cash payments. The Kiosks have a POS device fitted into it which accepts credit/debit card. UPIs & net banking can also be used to pay bills. Villagers mostly pay bills in the form of cash. A cash box is also installed in these Kiosks. You put the cash and it is validated by the Kiosk. After that, your receipt is rolled out for the customers. Water Bill Payment can be done either by cash or cashless mode.

To ensure uninterrupted gas connection, you must pay the Piped Gas Bill before the due date. People have such hectic schedules that they might forget to pay their bills and face undesirable consequences later. Xpay Life has a feature which takes a note of all the monthly recurring bills and gives you few gentle reminders before the due date approaches. It is not compulsory to pay the bill during day time only. If the bill strikes you in the middle of the night, then also you can pay the bill.

Entertainment is a very important aspect of our life. It is necessary to keep the mind fresh and active. Stop cutting yourself out of entertainment just because you forgot to pay the DTH bill or you did not get the time to visit the DTH office. Recharge DTH Online and keep yourself entertained. Villagers avoided DTH connection because they had to travel to the nearest city to get the recharge done. But now they can do the recharge online using mobile vans. These vans have proved to be very effective in collecting revenue from the villages. By the end of this year, XPay Life will install as many mobile vans as possible.

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