Analysis of iPhone eleven and iPhone 11 professional

During the presentation of the iPhone eleven, and its older brothers, the iPhone eleven professional and professional gamma-hydroxybutyrate, Apple confirmed that the particular handiness of those terminals wouldn't occur till September twenty, however, some media have advanced and are able to publish their Analysis a number of days before.


We commit to publishing our analysis of the iPhone eleven for next week, however, we have a tendency to needed to share with you the impressions of different international media of recognized status to supply you, as always, a vision as wide and impartial as potential. this can create it clearer what Apple's new offers and you'll decide if it extremely ought to become your next smartphone (or not).

Finally, we'll leave you a series of conclusions regarding the new Apple, and that we invite you, as always, to go away your opinion within the comments.

Analysis of the iPhone eleven and iPhone 11 Pro: the camera is that the star

In general, all the analyzes that I even have had the chance to scan have many points in common, however while not a doubt the foremost vital one focuses on the worth offered by the enhancements that Apple has introduced at the camera level, not solely from the purpose of reading of hardware (lenses and optics) however additionally software package and AI.

With the iPhone eleven (in all its versions) Apple has targeted the cameras' career on AI, a path that Google's giants had already taken, with its element series, and additionally different firms like Huawei and Samsung.

Other vital aspects additionally stand out, like enhancements at the amount of autonomy and performance, however, it's best to review, briefly, the assessment that every medium offers in its analysis of the iPhone eleven.

The Verge defines the iPhone eleven in its analysis as "the smartphone that just about everybody ought to buy", and highlights its wonderful camera configuration, its sensible autonomy and therefore the value that, we have a tendency to keep in mind, is $ 699 for the bottom version 809 euros in Espana when applying taxes). the sole negative points it collects don't directly have an effect on the terminal since they specialize in iOS thirteen and Apple's closed scheme, and therefore the undeniable fact that it comes with a 5-watt charger.

Pocket Link describes the iPhone eleven as "perfect compromise", and in its assessment, it coincides in some points with The Verge, because it additionally praises the standard of the cameras, night mode, battery and balance at the value level, however not coincides within the criticisms of iOS thirteen. As negative points stand out, again, the presence of a 5-watt charger, and additionally criticizes the absence of HDR and 5G property.

Cnet considers in its analysis that the iPhone eleven is that the best "mid-range iPhone" that Apple has launched. I don't assume that this smartphone is often classified as mid-range in any case, since it mounts associate degree Apple A13 SoC, the foremost powerful factor the corporate has straight away within the market, however, I perceive the thought they require to convey, that is that the best iPhone « Apple's "economic thus far. They emphasize, on the positive facet, the performance, the camera and therefore the value of the iPhone eleven, and focus their criticism on the continuity of the look, the limitation of the bottom model to sixty-four GB.

Wired says in his analysis of the iPhone eleven that "it isn't the simplest you'll purchase, however, it's an honest smartphone for what it prices." fascinating since it's a reasonably "hard" analysis with the new Apple. Among the positive points, we have a tendency to see its wonderful performance, the cameras, the battery, the night mode, associate degreed its "low price" (to be an iPhone). The negative focus in the main on style and finishes, that are "identical" to those of the iPhone XR.

We finished the analysis spherical of the iPhone eleven with The big apple Times, wherever they outline the new Apple as a confirmation that we have a tendency to don't have to be compelled to modification the iPhone every 2 years. fascinating, as a result of though it values ​​positively the novelties that this terminal introduces and additionally highlights aspects like performance, cameras, and autonomy, it believes that Apple has not managed to form a jump giant enough to justify a renewal.

We currently mention the iPhone eleven professional. we have a tendency to repeat with The Verge, wherever they open applauding the advance at the amount of autonomy and highlight the cameras, battery and screen quality. As negative points repeat iOS thirteen, the "walls" of the Apple scheme and therefore the absence of a three.5 millimeter jack adapter. They additionally criticize the "high price" of each iPhone eleven professional and therefore the professional gamma-hydroxybutyrate version.

Cnet says in its analysis that there are 2 nice reasons to shop for the iPhone eleven professional gamma-hydroxybutyrate, enhancements at the camera level and autonomy. As we are able to see, there's a transparent trend all told media, that focuses their valuations on these 2 nice points. Their analysis is, in general, terribly positive, though they acknowledge that the value is thus high that they're solely extremely suggested for "professional or advanced" users United Nations agency will exploit their full potential.

Tech radio detection and ranging leaves North American nation an easy conclusion, the iPhone eleven professionals is that the best Apple smartphone so far. They highlight the photographic section, performance, and autonomy, however, they criticize the shortage of changes at the look level, the shortage of innovation on the far side the cameras and therefore the AI ​​system related to them and the value, that they take into account terribly high. keep in mind that the iPhone Xs gamma-hydroxybutyrate hit the marketplace for $ one,099, and therefore the iPhone eleven professional gamma-hydroxybutyrate can price precisely the same.

Wired queries the $64000 potential of the cameras of the new iPhone eleven professional, language in his analysis that once long-faced with a Google element three, he didn't forever capture the simplest image. this is often {undoubtedly|doubtless|beyond question|without doubt, |beyond associate degrees doubt} an awfully vital criticism since we have a tendency to mention a more cost-effective smartphone and an earlier generation that additionally incorporates a single camera within the back. Despite all the world assessment they create of the new Apple is sweet (9 over 10).

Apple has supported the concept of ​​diversification as some way to achieve a bigger range of users, a technique that has worked all right within the last 2 generations. With the arrival of the iPhone X, those of apple reduced risks by launching the iPhone eight and iPhone 8 and, so did the debut of the iPhone Xs, which was in the middle of the iPhone XR and therefore the iPhone Xs gamma-hydroxybutyrate.

With this approach, those of Cupertino cowl the “low” level and therefore the “top” level of the high vary, providing a a lot of “economic” model for people who suffer cold sweats once pondering the concept of ​​spending one,000 euros on a smartphone, and giving the choice to people who have a awfully high budget to induce a a lot of complete various. during this generation, these levels are coated by the iPhone eleven, which positions as associate degree "affordable" possibility, and therefore the iPhone eleven professional and iPhone 11 professional gamma-hydroxybutyrate, that rank at the highest.

Personally, I feel Apple's strategy is correct, however, the firm that directs Tim Cook continues to form bulk mistakes that ought to are overcome years agone. one amongst the foremost vital is that the stagnation at the look level, which is what we have a tendency to don't see something new within the iPhone eleven, nothing that produces the North American nation forget the lines that the iPhone X introduced 2 years agone. Another of the foremost relevant we've in this fault and energy to boost the worth of your smartphones through easy movements, associate degreed it'd have the price you nothing to feature an 18-watt charger to the iPhone eleven pack and a jack adapter in rather than "forcing" the user to shop mobile price in Bangladesh.

There is little question that at the amount of performance, autonomy and photographic capabilities the new iPhone eleven and iPhone 11 Pro-Pro gamma-hydroxybutyrate represent an awfully giant leap compared to the previous generation, however, I feel, as some analyzes indicate, that it's not enough to justify a renewal all or 2 years. I'm additionally clear that maintaining sixty-four GB of base storage capability in a very terminal of over one,000 euros may be a total "skid."

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