Huda affordable housing projects Gurgaon

Are the Huda affordable housing projects Gurgaon good options for property buyers?

The Huda affordable housing projects Gurgaon offer sophisticated residential facilities at prime locations, despite the properties being pocket-friendly.

In recent years, Gurgaon has undoubtedly witnessed considerable development in terms of infrastructure, commercial opportunities, industries, etc. The Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda) has been particularly helpful behind this growth by coming up with various schemes and projects. The real estate sector has benefitted from the infrastructural development too, with the superb facilities making the city attractive to migrants. However, the affordable housing policy by Huda is certainly a distinct move that would boost the affordable housing segment. The Huda affordable housing projects Gurgaon offer sophisticated residential facilities at prime locations, despite the properties being pocket-friendly.

What type of locational benefits do these projects offer?

One of the chief hurdles in the path of the growth of affordable housing in Gurgaon was the unavailability of urban land at cheap rates. As a result, a majority of the affordable housing projects in the past were developed on the outskirts. However, the affordable housing projects in Gurgaon covered by the policy by Huda are strategically located and offer various advantages.

  • Each of these residential complexes has been built at locations that would enable the inhabitants to enjoy excellent connectivity. This implies that the residents can access their workplace or other venues if interest with ease.
  • The civic infrastructure in these localities is impressive. With several schools, colleges, banks, hospitals, etc. in the vicinity, one can stay assured of adequate facilities.
  • Professionals moving to Gurgaon for employment would find these homes convenient, as the locations would allow them to reach several commercial hubs seamlessly.

What amenities do these projects come with?

These affordable housing projects are integrated with a variety of sophisticated amenities to enhance the lifestyle of the residents. For contemporary homebuyers, these amenities are a major factor to consider as they determine the lifestyle offered in the housing projects.

  • The Huda affordable housing scheme has made it mandatory for these projects to offer community spaces like a kids’ play area and a community hall. These would allow residents of various age groups to find like-minded individuals and socialize.
  • Every project under the scheme offers certain fitness amenities. Depending on which project a homebuyer chooses, it is possible to enjoy features like a sauna, swimming pool, gym, fitness club, and more.
  • A variety of recreational amenities are available in affordable housing projects to keep your whole family engaged no matter the age group. These include a library, clubhouse, indoor games, sports facilities, etc., and vary from one project to another.
  • The housing estates covered by the scheme also offer free parking for one vehicle per apartment. This would add to the convenience of the homebuyers who own a car and would prefer a housing complex with space to accommodate it.
  • The complexes come with adequate open spaces, including gardens that offer a lush green ambiance for the residents to enjoy. In busy cities like Gurgaon, such open spaces are certainly a significant advantage.

How are the potential returns on investment from these properties?

Home investors looking for a new property for an investment that would generate profitable returns should consider several factors. However, the affordable flats for sale in Gurgaon certainly seem to be lucrative investment assets.

  • The rental property market in Gurgaon is thriving. Being able to possess a property at an affordable price would also enable the investors to offer it at a relatively lower rent without affecting their profitability. Thus, it would give them an edge against the other investors and allow them to attract more tenants.
  • The easy access to the commercial hubs is an added advantage for the investors. It is to be kept in mind that a major section of the home renters consists of people moving to Gurgaon for business or jobs. Naturally, they would seek rental homes close to their workplace and these properties are alluring options.
  • Although the properties are available at a pocket-friendly price, they are expected to undergo appreciation in the coming years. The localities are witnessing rapid infrastructural development and this implies that the investors would be able to enjoy increased resale or rental returns.

An affordable home Gurgaon does seem like a good option for realty investors as well as end-users. There are several options in terms of location, lifestyle, and configurations, from which the buyers may take their pick.

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