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Baking The Perfect Cupcakes – The Easiest Hacks

Having a sweet tooth is surely a blessing. That’s to say because there are so many options to fulfill the sugar cravings and we wouldn’t mind that saying cupcakes are the cutest treats out there.

Having a sweet tooth is surely a blessing. That’s to say because there are so many options to fulfill the sugar cravings and we wouldn’t mind that saying cupcakes are the cutest treats out there. People love cupcakes so much that they try baking them. However, the cupcakes don’t usually come out as they do from the kraft cupcake boxes. For this reason, we have got you covered with the easiest hacks, so your cupcakes turn out just as the bakery ones do!

Don’t Ditch The Recipe 

Sure, you are the cooking expert but it doesn’t mean that you can ditch the cupcake recipe and add your own perks. That’s to say because cupcakes will only turn out as shown in pictures if you religiously follow the recipe. We are stressing it because some people subtract the eggs, add the liquid sweeteners and reduce the sugar and then complain that cupcakes didn’t turn out food. 

In addition, if the recipe calls for cake flour and you add all-purpose flour, the texture and taste is going to variate, right? With this being said, whatever the recipe says, stick to it, so you don’t end up wasting your ingredients, effort, time, and money. It’s safe to say that ingredients are needed for a reason, so use the right ingredients for the right flavor. 

Room Temperature

When it comes down to the ingredients and adding them to the cupcakes, you need to know that their temperature will influence the outcome. Usually, the cupcakes are preferred to be made with room temperature ingredients because it helps optimize the flavor and texture. For instance, if you use the chilled ingredients, it can increase moisture or liquid content in the cupcake batter, hence the loose texture. 


Be it too higher or too lower, mixing should be done at the optimum rate. To illustrate, the cupcake batter should be properly mixed together and ensure that dry and wet ingredients are mixed properly. In case you overmix the batter, it will lead to a tough texture. So, make sure that you don’t switch on the mixer and just leave the room. 

Yes, overmixing will lead to a tough texture, but if the batter is undermixed, the gluten will be over-developed. As a result, the taste will be heavy while the texture will be dense. With this being said, you should only mix the cupcake batter to a place where there are no flour pockets left. Also, there shouldn’t be any lumps in the batter. Once the dry ingredients are mixed and lumps are broken down, stop there!

Cupcake Liners

You might have thought the cupcake liner is not a big deal, but my friend, it is! With this being said, you can opt for the grease-proof and top-notch liners. As a result, the cupcake will not stick to the wrapper and your hands won’t be filled with grease through the liners. So, if the liner seems to be cheap, you must have spent lower bucks. 

Sufficient Filling 

Believe it or not, the filling can make and break the cupcake batches. With this being said, if you tend to underfill or overfill the cupcake liners, it will lead to a different (or may we say inappropriate) texture. We often tend to pour the batter in the cupcake liners and just bake it around. On the contrary, it can lead to overflowing or sink after rising it. 

We understand that recipes don’t tell you how to fill the cupcake liners but let us tell you. So, you can opt for 2/3 cupcake filling. In addition, with a thin battery, you can use the bowl for pouring the batter. On the contrary, if the batter is thick, go for the ice cream scoop for better pouring. 

Oven Thermometer

If you don’t have the calibrated and a new oven, we are pretty sure that you would have inaccurate temperature issues. With this being said, you could try using the oven thermometer to check that oven is preheated perfectly. This is because if the oven is not preheated properly, it can lead to uneven baking. So, be accurate with the thermometer’s temperature. 

Bounce-Back Test

If you want to ensure that cupcakes are properly cooked, a bounce-back test will help you check the center of the cupcake. For this purpose, take a toothpick and stick it to the center, and if the toothpick is clean, the cupcakes are well-done. If the batter sticks to the toothpick, the cupcakes are not done. 

Proper Cool Down

It is a no-brainer but people tend to be in a rush. So, if you want the frosting to work properly and stand on top of the cupcake, it is suggested that you cool down the cupcakes. This is because if the cupcakes are hot, the frosting is going to melt down.

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