Balloon Decoration

Top 5 Balloon Decoration Ideas for events

Who doesn’t like partying? And the fun of the celebration gets amplified when the balloon decoration is part of the event.


                                Balloon decoration can create a mesmerizing atmosphere all around. It fills the heart with happiness and brings a spark in the eyes. It is stunning and enhances celebration’s zeal, be it birthdays, engagements, weddings or anniversaries. Multi-coloured balloons clustered together add wow factor to the party. The best thing about balloon decoration is that they are inexpensive and can be easily set up to grace the party.

Do you also want to try balloon decoration for your next event? Here we bring top balloon decoration ideas to grace the celebration with colour, style and flair.

                                                                      It is one of the most beautiful balloon decorations. Select a few photographs, get them printed and hang them with a group of balloons. If it’s a wedding, you can select pictures of ring ceremony or pre-wedding shoot; if it’s a birthday party, then the images of year by year can be chosen. This décor will be memorable for a lifetime. You will embrace watching the loveliest moments of life around. Even guests will be flattered seeing your unique choice and the enchanting chandelier in the form of balloons. They would love clicking themselves with such a fantastic backdrop. 

Pool parties are in trend these days. Upgrade the liveliness of your next pool party with floating balloons.  Bright coloured balloons floating on water create spectacular imagery and embrace the audience with picturesque sight. The colourful helium balloons turn the pool into a fun zone. Even the night pool parties can be organized with illuminated LED balloons. The lighting can be chosen to complement the décor around. Guests would fall in love with their idea and treasure the special moments with their loved ones forever. It would also bring out the scope of a magnificent photo shoot. 

Make your next party attractive with confetti balloons. Silver, Gold and Black coloured Confetti Balloons bring an eye-catching arrangement for every event. Inflate the balloons using a helium tank or balloon pump. Attach the string and tie all the balloons to wow the guests. Confetti balloon decoration is amazing and steals the show with its energetic presence. It’s a must pick décor idea, especially if you plan to organize your kid’s birthday party. The birthday boy/girl and his/her friends would love the décor and make them feel entertained. So, get show-stopping confetti balloons in different colours for your next event to impress all your guests.

                                                                              Garland shaped balloon decoration is simply splendid to make an impact on parties. The garland looks exotic, glamorous and beautiful. These amazing arches can be done in a variety of different colours and patterns. Even lights can also be added to sparkle the balloon decoration. The arches of balloons can be made both in small and large forms and can be pasted on the wall to add a touch of elegance to the party décor. It can be easily customized and themed by making an arch of a particular person’s name for whom the event is being organized. The random coloured balloons on to a string at the entrance also help create a joyful moment.

                                                                                       Also known as pillar or tower balloon decoration, balloon column decoration offers gazillion of styles, sizes, colours, and patterns to adorn the guests. They can be placed at both sides of the stage, entrance or even a table. Different sculptures can also be created easily using balloons like a Mickey Mouse, Bride & Groom or a Snowman.

                           It is one of the most innovative balloon decorations. In Gumball balloon décor, two to three blown balloons are inserted into a big transparent balloon, looking like a Gumball. It can be created using a specialized balloon stuffing tool. They can be spread on the floor to enhance the look and feel of the party. This sort of balloon decoration is ideal for baby shower functions.

                                                                       Parties keep up the zest for life. Awesome celebration with amazing Party Event Decor strengthens togetherness and increases love among nearby ones. During such intimate celebrations, the party host has a big responsibility on their shoulders, i.e. deciding about the party theme, which sets the right party mood. Considering the occasion, of course, the guests, he/she has to do a lot of R&D to amuse all with a festive vibe. But don’t worry! All your party, décor confusions will be rescued soon. Here we bring the most joyful seven versatile Party Event Decor ideas.

                             Balloon décor theme is inexpensive yet youthful. It makes the party vibes alluring and heart touching. Be it a wedding, birthday party or a simple event, balloon party event décor delights the visitors and leaves a long-lasting impression. The party organizer can suggest hanging balloons from the ceiling or scatter them around the floor. They can also be used to decorate the stage along with flowers. Balloons, a lot of fun shapes, can also be created on the wall as a backdrop, creating a number pattern that denotes a birthday or an anniversary figure. A design of name can also be made using balloons indicating the birthday boy/girl or the couple names etc. Use multi-coloured balloons to elevate the party thunder to the next level. 

They truly work for any event. Using a variety of decorative papers, a whole bunch of paper fans can be easily created. You can also use the clustered group of paper fans to bring an ultimate look to the wall. These are trendy, crafty and ultimate choices to make your place more festive, contributing a great success to the party event.

                              Can anyone wonder that tissue papers help decorate the celebration party at its best? The answer is Yes! The beautiful tassels made from tissue paper enhance the beauty of party event décor. They can frame a mantel, jazz up a doorway or even dress up a snack table. They are super light and easy to put up. The best thing about tassel garlands is that they are biodegradable and recyclable. They do not emit carbon footprints into the environment. So, incorporate this hilarious fun fringe into your next party and capture the best memories of life.

If you want to instill the real creative spirit into your next celebration, then an embellished party hat is the best party décor. The jazzy, the glittering party hats cheer up the guests, especially kids.  The fun party hats are the cutest way to spoil the kids and click cutest selfies. The embellished party hats can be placed on the stage or even can be put at the table’s center. Undoubtedly, embellished party hats bring a memorable addition to any party adventure, especially kids’ birthday parties.

                                                       Flowers are the first party event décor items. They dress up a small dinner party or cocktail table with immense joy. They beautify the dining events like weddings and anniversaries, but they can even dress up a small dinner party or cocktail hour. The beautiful rose bouquets bring harmony and grace to the relationship when all the family members sit together and enjoy the meal amidst a lovely ambience. Shiny and attractive vases nestled with fresh roses give space to natural beauty and make the celebration mushy and happy.

Photo collage is another most popular way to decorate a milestone party. Place photo collages on the walls flatter the guests and create a fabulous aura all around. Pictures bring back memories and allow everyone to relive the most heartfelt past moments of life. The images can also be streamed in a carousel mode to attract the guests.

Be it an indoor party or an outdoor party, confetti glasses can create feminine ambience. They are the most classic and urban styled Party Event Decor with a tinge of romanticism. Available in multi-colours, the confetti glasses are the best party event décor items that bring out the feminine ambiance and make the occasion a priceless affair.Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility in AJAX is a popular place to organize party events. You can book your next party event at this banquet and suggest any party event décor. They add the perfect festivity and colours to any celebration without any fuss.

Get creative photos and videos with a photo booth for corporate events. It’s an encompassing way to freeze a moment and let the visitors view the event from every angle. Seeing the full view of the event, people get excited and make most of the event. With a 360-degree photo booth, an image is taken from several angles. Further, it gets combined into a rotating view to bringing out an awful vibe of the event.


When you throw your next party, opt for balloon decoration – it is stylish, yet affordable. Compliment the design with the chosen theme party and make the event memorable for guests for an extended period.
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