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Becoming A Certified Blockchain Expert in 2021

Blockchain technology is gaining traction in every industry. Grab this opportunity to architect your career in blockchain by earning a blockchain certification.

Blockchain is disrupting almost all industries to a greater extent. Most business leaders are interested to invest in blockchain and reap benefits. As a result, business leaders are in constant search of experts in blockchain, who can bring transformation in their business with blockchain. While hiring, they look for certified blockchain professionals who can adopt the recent trends of the technology and bring profit.

Let’s understand blockchain technology and learn how to become a certified expert here.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger recording transactions digitally in a secure manner through encryption. Being a distributed ledger, it prevents a single point of failure, transparent, tamper-proof, and validated simultaneously.

In brief, the implementation of blockchain technology brings trust and transparency. It achieves security and scalability. As a result, industries such as logistics, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, insurance, and banking are adopting blockchain technology at a faster rate. Some of the blockchain applications in businesses are smart contracts, sharing economy, crowdfunding, governance, protection of intellectual property rights, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, identity management, data management, anti-money laundering, and know your customer legislation.

As industries turn toward blockchain implementation, there is an ever-increasing demand for blockchain professionals. Given the situation, it is the right choice to choose a career in blockchain.

Learning blockchain

You can learn blockchain by enrolling yourself for blockchain degree programs in the universities, or pursue a diploma course or earn a blockchain certification in a chosen field like engineering, developer, industry-oriented certifications, blockchain expert, blockchain leader, and so forth.

If you are a graduate, taking up a degree or diploma program would be a great choice for you. If you are a working professional, then earning the most-covet blockchain technology certification is the way to go.

Let’s emphasize how to become a blockchain expert here.

Becoming a blockchain expert

It is necessary to gain a thorough understanding of the technology, knowledge of the blockchain development platforms, and earn the ability to work on various blockchain projects.

To be called a blockchain expert, you should be well versed in blockchain platforms, blockchain programming languages, blockchain protocols, and solutions, and able to integrate blockchain solutions in the business. It is essential to gain expertise in smart contracts, methodologies, consensus algorithms, use cases, and implement new business models.

Gain blockchain knowledge from an industry perspective, know legal laws and standards, gain a working knowledge in programming languages, understand blockchain ecosystems and standards, use tools, and learn business processes. further, it is necessary to possess cross-discipline skills, analyzing efficiency, and bring agility by implementing agile culture.

Become a certified blockchain professional by choosing the most-coveted certification available in the market. Certified blockchain professionals can demand more salary than their non-certified peer group. Certifications help to gain more command over the technology and stay current with the trends.

According to reports, a certified blockchain expert earns USD 150,000 to USD 175,000 per annum in Silicon Valley.  Further, you can continue your career as a blockchain -consultant, architect, or leader.

To summarize…

When industries are implementing blockchain at a faster rate, it is wise to choose your career. Choosing blockchain and pursuing a career in the blockchain would be a great choice.

Earning a blockchain certification helps to understand the technology, validate your skills, implement blockchain efficiently in the chosen industry vertical, build blockchain enterprise, reduce costs to the businesses, add credibility to the industry and gain higher-pay.

If you chose to possess a career that is on-trend, gain more traction in the near future, earn promising salaries through better employment opportunities, and become a part of the global tech revolution, then become a certified blockchain professional. Stay updated and take your career to the next level.


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