Bedroom Remodelling Ideas

Sometimes the best hack to feel fresh after a long tiring day is just to be back in your room. As rooms channels out the cozy welcoming vibe that you might have been craving all day and just a glance towards your room drain out that heavy feeling of being tired. 

While this hack works in most situations, there are a few exceptions to it as well. For instance, there are people who are disorganized and prefer their things to be the same way. Yet after looking at a messy bedroom, even they feel a sense of uneasiness; discomfort. 


Also, research tends to prove this fact that a disorganized bedroom has a negative impact on your health. Hereby, we strongly recommend you to stay organized to stay healthy.

Moreover, you might need some basic tutoring on how to arrange your messy or new room in your new real estate in Pakistan. So, we have curated down a few basic and most important ideas to assist you in that order.

  1. Walls and ceiling:

Starting with the most basic and least expensive form of change is to use a fresh coat of paint. Why? Because of the fact that a change of color lightens up your mood and brings that aura of neatness. 

However, we won’t suggest you color it rainbow style instead keep it simple yet refreshing. You can choose from most preferred styles such as clean and white, tranquil and neutral, bold and bright or contemporary and dark, or if you are too sure of experimenting with something new then go for it. 


The whole painting process won’t cost you much yet if you still think laboring is an additional expense then you can paint it yourself. Its much more fun and makes that space more personal. 

You can also add in a few paintings or photo frames, a white table with a vase and writing stuff or anything too comfy to look at. 

  1. Turn on Good Lighting

Next on our list is lighting and just like paint, it adds the most significant value to a house. Without good lighting, the main objective of a perfect looking home is lost. As it reflects back the different colours to completely change the character of a house and adds an elegant touch to the view. So, adjust in a few lights, mainly those tiny LED bulbs on the ceiling. 


Remember, don’t overdo it as where lighting adds a good touch to it, overdoing it would scrape off the vibe from it.

  1. Find Furniture That Fits:

There is a possibility that your room might already be radiating off fresh, soothing vibes after painting and good lighting yet you can rearrange your furniture to complete the look. Obviously, we won’t recommend you to just abandon all your furniture as it will only add an extra expense for you. But, you can exchange a few wrecked up pieces with cash by putting it up online for sale. You’ll be surprised to see the number of people turning in for it.


Now, use that money to buy something simple like a white table as it goes with every setting. Keep your furniture minimal with only things of use. Discard anything that you think is trash now but might be of any use in the future. When that time comes, you can rebuy a similar furniture piece like that. Do a thorough makeover which mainly involves discarding stuff that is cluttering up the environment. 

  1. Some more essentials:

Next is to add a few of the essential things, we think that will complete the process. Firstly, covering windowsills, it could be anything from a curtain to a glass cover. However, curtains are mostly preferred hence we suggest you to consider putting up White panel curtains which comes in cotton and velvet.


Secondly, change your bed settings and add a pop of color through it. It should be done twice a week basis. Thirdly, fashion up your room by hanging a mirror or two, most preferably a wall mirror on either plain wall would do. Lastly, finish it off with a nightstand beside your bed and any other thing you want. But remember to keep it subtle and creative.

On another note, while touring apartments for rent or for purchase, remember to let your creative side take over and imagine how can you transform this property into your home.