Beginners Guide: Get Mastery Over Infoplus Features

When it comes to operations and success of a business, especially it is related to the trading of goods or services, words might fall short regarding how important it is to manage your stock among everything else. It is true that one loves to showcase the leading cutting edge warehouse and 3PL (Third Party Logistics) system and solutions that they are using in their organisation. Infoplus Inventory Management System is a cloud-based hub that centralises the inventory, order management and shipping processes of the business. It helps to consolidate shopping carts and allows you to calculate shipping costs from carriers in one tap. It also transfers financial information to any accounting software used within your organisation to carry out financial operations smoothly.

Implementing a warehouse management software can help an organisation reduce labour costs, improve flexibility and responsiveness, decrease errors in picking and shipping goods and improve customer services. A Warehouse Management System is a software that is designed to support and optimise warehouse distribution and perform centre management and other functionalities. This system helps the management in their daily planning, organising, directing, staffing operations, along with controlling the utilisation of available resources. It also helps to move and store materials into, within and out of a warehouse and also guides the supporting staff in the performance of material movement and the storage of stock in and around a warehouse.

Warehouse management solutions are fundamentally tactical tools that help you to implement your marketing strategies to meet your objectives. This software is purchased and is used by organisations to satisfy the unique demands of the customers and the specific requirements of their supply chain and distribution channels. When the inventory, as well as the workload, are huge enough, then the aspects that need to be handled manually with the help of spreadsheets are also analysed. The users’ buying motives generally arise out of the need to support sales growth or to improve performance and at times even both.

Features of Infoplus

Infoplus is a 3PL platform and a warehouse software designed to solve our challenges today and tomorrow. Here are some relevant Infoplus features that might be beneficial for your business:

  • Warehouse Operations

The Infopplus software help in automation and includes sending automatic alerts and notifications about low inventory. The software helps inbound receiving, and an inbound flow in a warehouse begins when items arrive right at the location of the warehouse of the organisation. The inventory must be in control so that surplus or depletion does not occur. On the other extreme, Outbound suggests picking, packing and shipping that is going out of the organisation. It also helps in building blocks. The software help define reports about the sales, items delivered and details about day-to-day orders. This software applies smart filters and customises scripts.

  • Integration and Connections

No matter what connection is required, Infoplus connects with all. It completes the operations workflow with integrated carrier manifestations. This software connects us with e-commerce carts and different channel partners. It has the enforcement to bridge different financial systems. This software provides API and EDI which are Application Program Interfaces and Electronic Data Interchange.


API is an information exchange that often finds use in cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. API quickly transfers data from one system to another. It enables devices to speak to each other in real-time.


EDI is the electronic interchange of business information using a standardised format, a process which allows one company to send information to another company electronically, thus eliminating all paperwork. Business entities conducting business operations electronically are called trading partners.

  • Reports and Customisation

One should be able to get all the necessary data easily, in a hassle-free manner. Infoplus builds reports and analytical stats for you to help you run your business efficiently. The key alerts give actionable data regarding when and how one needs it. Infoplus delivers all the significant data as per the requirements of the users. User-defined Metrics allow extending the reach of Enterprise Manager’s monitoring to condition-specific environments via custom scripts, SQL queries or function calls. Once defined, these metrics will be monitored and aggregated in the respiratory and the app will trigger alerts like regular metrics.

  • Customer Service

From sales to support, every aspect of Infoplus is focussed on success. Great software is nothing without a well-managed support system. From offering 24/7 critical support to enabling you to share your issues in the live chat system, Infoplus has all the solution. With this platform, one gets the service the way one wants.

  • Flexible Core

The software has the ability to compute the processes to be used or produced in a range of capabilities. It customises workflows as they add logic over both the human processes and the operations of the machine. Workflows designed for the system processes might update one data source when another data source changes. The workflow associated with the human activities might send a document, for example, an expense report, to the manager of an employee for approval. Upon approval, it is further sent onto the accounting department for processing. Building Blocks and automation are all made possible by a simple user interface that is created as an extension of the foundational application itself. What is defined in the application becomes the core.

  • Portals and Acess

One of the most relevant Infoplus features includes the facility of allowing permission-based roles, which enable the user to have full control over it. Infoplus provides data and transparency to 3PL customers. The system also provides the management and the team with unlimited access for every stakeholder.

Infoplus Inventory Management System helps to ease out your business operations by managing your warehouse and stock. Having such a core approach, the software offers users with the ability to handle everything related to technology and connections. It is more than a piece of software as it helps you to have a different kind of approach for all your inventory management tasks.

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