Beginner’s Guide To Choosing Dinnerware

Few tips to choose perfect dinnerware.

A Quick Narration

Buying a dinner set is no easy task. For people who are well settled, it means finding something that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also matches their tablecloths and napkins along with flatware. There are a plethora of options available online, which makes shortlisting some an easy task but makes deciding on only one set difficult.

If you need to buy a dinner set for essential guests and have limited time to do so, Raynaud’s Thomas Keller Pattern collection is highly recommended. If you need to buy a dinner set as a gift for someone extraordinary, Raynaud’s Allee Royale china collection is perfect. Let’s make life easier for those purchasing a dinner set for the first time or looking for one after many years with some helpful pointers.

Five Dinnerware Materials

Before you start thinking in terms of designs, take a look at the different elements that dinnerware can be made from.

Bone China: this chip resistant dinnerware is also typically microwave and dishwasher safe. It is the most substantial range of china – durable, lightweight, and elegant.

Earthenware: one of the oldest industrial materials, this type of dinnerware is sturdy but has a casual appeal. Caution needs to be taken when exposing it to high temperatures like an oven or microwave.

Porcelain: created from high firing temperatures, it is very durable and versatile. Porcelain dinnerware is usually dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe unless it contains metallic accents.

Melamine: perfect for youngsters who have wild parties, this dinnerware is shatterproof and very hard to break or chip though it is not suitable for ovens or microwaves.

Stoneware: more durable than earthenware, it has a unique finishing glaze that gives it a smooth look. Ideal for casual use though it is not meant for the microwave, oven, or freezer.

Dinnerware Styles

There are different styles of dinnerware available in a multitude of designs and colors. China or porcelain is best for formal dining sets. Shatterproof is best for youngsters, outdoor events, and the office cafeteria. Most people have at least two dinner sets – durable games are for everyday use, whereas the more sophisticated and lightweight dinnerware is for when they have guests or a special occasion.

Apart from formal and casual designs, dinnerware sets can be divided into four style categories – hand-painted, patterned, reliable, and banded. Express your persona and taste by using colors or patterns. Select neutral colors like white or ivory for formal dinnerware sets. A great example of white dinnerware is Raynaud’s Thomas Keller Pattern collection.

Dinnerware sets with an elegant border or rim detail will add a subtle splash of color without taking attention off the meal. An ideal example of this is Raynaud’s Allee Royale china dinnerware. For the more informal gatherings with close friends and family, attract some attention to your taste with colors and patterns you like. Forget new trends, opt for designs that are more classic or traditional. If you are selecting something for longevity, solid or banded white pieces are timeless. Consider Raynaud’s Thomas Keller pattern collection, which is available with small, subtle checks on white or plain.

Dinnerware Storage

Before you go online and add a couple of dinnerware sets to your shopping cart, check if you have the relevant storage space available. That should also be taken into consideration when deciding to buy two dinner sets or one that will be used for both casual and formal dining.

Another thing that should be considered before your final decision is whether your dinner set should be extra durable and microwave safe. This is especially important for parents who would like peace of mind and therefore prefer dinnerware that is microwave safe and shatter-proof while their kids are growing up.

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