Beginner's Guide to Dog Grooming Equipment

If you are thinking of preparing your beloved dog at home, there are some pieces of dog grooming equipment that you should buy to get a good result

If you are thinking of preparing your beloved dog at home, there are some pieces of dog grooming equipment that you should buy to get a good result. While it's not as simple as grabbing the scissors and the old baby comb at the bottom of the utility drawer, it's easy to find and build a good collection of the necessary tools needed without breaking the bank. The first thing you will need is a dog grooming brush. The most important fact about brushes for dogs is that one size does not fit everyone, which means that the brush you buy should adapt to the length and type of hair of your dog.

Lower / rough coat rakes: these must-have items for dogs that shed their fur. Composed of a single row of teeth designed to reach the bottom layer of your dog's fur and eliminate dead fur that may be entangled.

Brush: Made with or without rubber tips. Perfect for removing dead hair and minor tangles in your dog's fur. This brush is excellent for dogs that have medium length fur, wavy or wavy fur.

Slicker brush: composed of fine wire bristles that eliminate mats/tangles of all types of fur. It helps remove dead hair from the inner layer and the outer layer. It is mainly used after the dog has been brushed with a brush, as it also stimulates the dog's skin to produce a natural glow in its fur.

It is useful to have a metal tooth comb with a selection of brushes. It is useful for quickly and easily untangling the fur or gently brushing the carpets in the dogs' hair. The size of the comb's teeth varies from fine to medium and thick, depending on the type of fur your dog has.

A hair clipper and blades are the safest way to trim your dogs' fur without a high risk of injury. There are a variety of brands available to buy that price range and features available. Ideally, you want one that is reasonably quiet and has heat control to minimize the burning of your pet's skin. The nail clipper blades are available in different sizes with the lowest numbers corresponding to a longer cut and the highest number related to a shorter cut. A number 4 or 10 are considered those that are normally used for a good tidy cut if the coat. It is recommended never to exceed 10, as you can risk burning or cutting your pet due to the short cut.

If your dog is a domestic dog, chances are that they rarely wear their nails naturally, so it is recommended to cut them. You can buy a nail clipper for dogs that will act as a guillotine and "cut" the end of the nail. It is the most used method, but you run the risk that you cut and hurt your dog by cutting quickly. Nail sanders are new equipment and work by "sanding" the nail into a rotating emery file. They are at less risk of injuring the nail quickly, but they can be uncomfortable for your pet since they involve a lot of vibration and it is still possible to "sand the nail too much". The shampoo and conditioner for dogs is essential for any dog ​​grooming. The human shampoo or conditioner can never be used on your dog, as it has a different pH level that will cause skin irritation of your pets and can damage your fur. That is why there is a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners for dogs available. You can choose from a variety of brands that have different properties, such as detangling, moisturizing, controlling parasites or simply smelling splendid. By researching a bit about your dog breed and what type of fur, you can easily and quickly get the proper dog grooming equipment for your dog's care. Once you have your tool collection, all you have to do now is ... relax and enjoy the wonderfully rewarding experience you have with this opportunity to interact with your dog.