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Benefits of On-Demand Video Screening and Interviewing

On-demand video interviews transform your screening on a virtual platform and help you screen a lot of candidates at the same and reduce screen time by more than half. Unlike telephonic interviewing, a video interview allows you to shortlist the most suitable candidates based on the job description. And it makes interviewing convenient than ever before. One-way digital HR solution provides you with an online option to connect worldwide talent, improve accessibility throughout interviews and select the most suitable for the role remotely. It enables you to review & score the candidates from afar and enrich your workflow from global talent crossing the geographical constraints. 

On demand video interview provides you with features to record unlimited interviews of the candidates to compare an applicant from the rest and make a better hiring decision. With the help of pre-recorded video interviewing, you can share the candidate's details with your colleagues and experts just in a single click and also leave comments and feedback quickly. This feature makes hiring faster, fairer, cheaper for the businesses and encourages better hiring. Here for your convenience, we are compiling some significant benefits of on-demand video interviewing:

What are the benefits of an on-demand video interview?  

Enables Asynchronous Interviewing: Digital video technology makes interviews asynchronous. It allows you to record interview questions once for all and help you escape from one-by-one telephonic screening. With an on-demand HR tool, you don't have to be present live when the candidates are recording responses as it offers you a flexible option to review & score the candidates from anywhere and at your own time.

Foster Recruitment Automation: An interviewing tool in your HR team helps you automate your screening and send an auto-reminder for the interview. It also helps you shortlist the candidates for in-person interviews and saves valuable time and resources for the hiring managers. Through the automation feature, you can engage with the candidates faster and easily identify a suitable candidate that fits your company's work culture.

Option to Customize Interview Functionalities: One of the most significant features of an on-demand video interview software is that it enables you to customize your interview functionalities based on need. You can alter Think Time, Answer Length, Number of Takes, and many other interview functionalities, based on needs. This feature improves your quality of hire and helps you select star talent for the position.  

How can video interviews improve your quality of hire?

Digital video interview increases collaboration within your talent acquisition department and involves more than one person in the decision-making that improve quality of candidate evaluation. It well-structured your hiring and makes it biased-free and evidence-based. Below are four ways video interview improve your hiring experience: 

  1. Recorded video interview help you connect with global talent sitting at home and offers you a stress-free interviewing experience.
  2. Remote hiring features of an online interview platform reduces the businesses' per-hire cost and helps them grow faster than ever before.
  3. Online interviewing brings greater flexibility to the interview process and reduces the number of no-show candidates.
  4. Allows even time-tighten candidates to participate in the interview process remotely and increase interview conversion rate

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