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Benefits of Papad – A Traditional Food

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Papad being a traditional Indian food item, is rather iconic in Indian dishes. Nearly every Indian dish with rice, curry, and chapatis is not regarded as complete without the presence of some form of fried or baked crispy flattened bread made from some kind of flour.

Papads are relished in the whole of the Indian subcontinent and naturally differ in their tastes due to the corresponding region’s preferences for spices and condiments. Likewise, papad is a term used in many languages of the Indian subcontinent; however, several other names differ from language to language.

As stated above, papads are made from various kinds of flours; amongst them, urad dal papads, moong dal papads, and chana dal papads are the most famous, widely consumed, and highly preferred.

Talking about the benefits of papads, there are several to list. After all, they are highly tasty and irresistible.

Below are some benefits of papads.

1- They add variety to food

We Indians often complain about the quality of the meal. Many of us are limited to a few varieties of dishes. People who are vegetarian and those who have strict religious restrictions to certain foodstuffs may be limited with only a handful of options to cycle with.

Hence, food-related monotony is a very common issue.

Papads really add a dimension of taste and make for the shortage of variety in meals.

2- They add to your options of additional food items

We all want our meal plate as assorted and full as possible. We, therefore, add yogurt, pickles, chutneys ,etc. to our daily meal.

In the same line, Papads are not very appetizing but are highly delightful. To whatever extent the meal may be unsatisfying, having some papad with every morsel will undoubtedly make it very enjoyable. Hence, it widens the number of options in a plate.

3- They have a long life

Perishable food items are particularly loathsome. We seldom stock such food items even if we have a regular or even daily use for them.

One of the greatest things about papads is that they do not have a short expiry date as most other seasoned foodstuffs do. With being able to buy papad online, you can stock some for a long time and not worry about their expiry any time soon.

Buying papad online can be wonderful news for lovers of the meal-enhancer, and it is plausible due to the low perishability of the item.

4- They are a healthy snack

Papads have mostly been associated with being able to cause ill-health; the claim would have been correct if papads were only meant for frying. Frying is one of the ways of preparing them. The other one is roasting over the direct flame.

Roasting of papads avoids the need to use oil, and thus it is very healthy. The chickpea flour or green gram flour used to make chana dal and moong dal papads, respectively, are rich in their protein contents, adding to the total dietary value.

5- They are a great standalone snack

Papads are meant for increasing your dietary intake; you eat more morsels than otherwise by chomping papads along with your meal.

However, they can be great as a standalone snack, particularly while watching telly or as a means of killing boredom. Fried or roasted papads are a great alternative to popcorn during your home cinema time.


With the multiplicity of benefits, you surely will be intrigued to look up ‘papad online.’ You can order papad online at Indore Online - and get them delivered to your doorsteps. They sell some of the most well-flavored and tasty papads online.

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