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Best 4K TV Acquiring Guide For Bangladesh

If you’re about to purchase a brand-new latest Samsung television for your house, this article can help you make your selection super easy. I have explained all the vital features your first smart television should possess.

What's Smart Television? Complete HD vs. Smart Television

If you’re about to purchase a brand-new latest Samsung television for your house, this article can help you make your selection super easy. I have explained all the vital features your first smart television should possess.

No doubt television is an excellent source of entertainment, and that do not enjoy watching movies on a giant screen? But a large screen does not always necessarily means more excellent quality unless it's more pixels and color depth. Yes, I am talking about the contrast and resolution here. The more screen is packed with pixels and deeper blacks, the sharper picture the television generates. In conclusion, we've understood that the density of pixel things to see more details on the Video screen.

What's Smart Television?

Now, smart tv is also referred to as UHD, and also Samsung smart television has four times more pixels compared to an HD Television. So Smart Television refers to a display that has many million pixels. Your television screen is jammed with small bulbs known as pixels. The more of those pixels, the better the sharpness you see on the net.

4K display has attained the maximum resolution the human is capable of seeing. The picture quality isn't similar to before, with more natural contrast and vibrant applications generated the image.

Difference between Smart Television and Complete HD Video

Require a good examine this image below. It explains a lot.

The primary and only distinction between a Smart television and a Full HD television is your resolution. However, this main difference generates more other, more minor changes to what we see on the monitor. These points make them different from each other.

- Smart television has four times more pixels than a complete HD tv

- Smart television produces more HDR pictures as compared to some Full HD television

- Smart television generates a sharper image than a Full HD tv

Is smart television is worth buying in BD?

The primary motive to shop an intelligent television is to see 4K format, and also the availability of this format isn't much. However, following the arrival of streaming media in BD, such as YouTube and Netflix, the access to 4K format is easily accessible today. That being said, smart tv is a good choice here. Not only can you see tens of thousands of 4K formats online, but you can easily connect blue-ray disks or other devices that output 4K formats.

So the response is no and yes. If you enjoy watching streaming solutions and have a 14 Mbps net connection ready, smart tv is worth buying.

What's HDR In intelligent television?

HDR stands For High Dynamic Range, and it's by far the essential feature of television. It is a software-generated process covering a dynamic range of the image to produce a more whitish white and blackish black clip. As a result, you can see a wide variety of vibrant colors on your screen.

You can see that all the black tone is washed out from the first picture, and just a fair whitish photo could be viewed. The clouds in the sky are not visible in any way. However, in the third picture, most of the white tone is washed out, making the image darker. To fix such sort issues, HDR technology is being used to illuminate the white and black sections of the picture to look more natural.

It is not new that television brands sometimes lie to the customers about the proper HDR technologies. So it's good to assess what the facts are. There are two major HDR technologies available today like Dolby Vision and HDR10.


HDR10 gives your TV the darkest and brightest areas of the picture so that your smart television can process natural colors. HDR10 is among the most popular and royalty-free HDR technology. It usually means that manufacturers don't have to pay anything to implement this technology in their smart televisions. Because of this, intelligent televisions using HDR10 frequently arrive with a less expensive price tag. Nowadays, nearly 70% of the video format supports HDR10, which makes it clear to by a tv that supports HDR10.

Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision Utilizes Dynamic Metadata, which your tv to produce a much better, dynamically. It makes the picture more realistically vibrant and much more ordinary than HDR10. Adding to this, Dolby Vision charges television Company's a fantastic sum of money, and that's why the intelligent televisions utilizing Dolby Vision are usually expensive. But, there is a lack of format on the marketplace that supports Dolby Vision right now.

What to look for in a smart television?

I have explained quite a few intelligent technologies but what is more important is the right shopper manual, right? So here are the essential characteristics that you should search for on your initial latest tv price. Here is how it is possible to pick an intelligent television.

Tips-1: Select the Size of the television

The dimensions of the television should depend on how much you want to sit down from your tv. Here are the optimal distances depending on the dimensions of your different television settlements.

Tips-2: Pick the Highest Contrast

Locate a smart TV that delivers better contrast. A 3000:1 difference means the television emits thinner components 3000 times brighter than the darker parts. Thus the distinction has to be more significant. Because of this, it is possible to see a deep black film that will look more organic.

Tips-3: Check if the television Offers HDR Technology

As I've mentioned previously, HDR can bring the image to life, so smart television without HDR is not a good choice. Locate the tv that has at least encourage HDR or better to enhance your viewing experience.

Practically, HDR10 is a definite winner here as the majority of formats support HDR10 only. Without a doubt, Dolby Vision and HDR10+ emit far more saturated and correct images; however, the absence of digital format makes them useless as of today.

Tips-4: Look for Smart Television

Like I've explained previously, a smart television can create your television worth it. You can watch your favorite format online in 4K HDR. Also, navigation and Connectivity become considerably more accessible by having wireless technology. Additionally, most of the latest led tv supports internet jack, so you can plug your internet cable right away to access the internet.



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