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Dr Sharma trained in dermatology from University of Toronto in 2004 followed by one year training in fine surgical techniques and lasers. She is board certified both in Canada and USA and is a member and fellow of many respected societies. Her special interests include Advanced lasers for scarring, rosacea, hair removal, Brampton Botox and fillers.

At Dr Sharma’s Dermatology & Laser Clinic, we take pride in providing latest, gold standard, cutting edge, laser & minor surgical cosmetic technology for all skin color & most of skin indications by combining many modalities as indicated, leaving you with a clean and clear skin requiring minimal make-up & increase in self-esteem.

Dr. Shakti Sharma trained in Dermatology at the University of Toronto and is a Board Certified Dermatologist in both Canada, as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and the United States, as a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology. After completion of Dermatology residency, she did surgical fellowship for one year in Buffalo, at Roswell Park Cancer Institute where she trained for Mohs Surgery (Skin cancers surgery and reconstructive surgery). She is also a member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, American Academy of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery and Canadian Dermatology Association.

Trained dermatology from the university of Toronto Dr. Shakti Sharma is a board certified dermatologist in Canada, as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Locations and Contact :
Thornhill    : 7117 Bathurst St. Suite 201, Phone : 905 763 2526
Brampton : 2250 Bovaird Drive East, Suite 201, Phone : 905-595-4975

The pros and cons of Choosing Dermatology.

So, the cons of choosing Dermatology as your specialisation branch are-

  1. Tough competition for jobs - Due to an increase in the number of MD seats, there are many applicants for a Dermatology post while jobs (senior resident/ specialist) are limited particularly in the government sector. Openings in medical colleges (Assistant professor) are also fewer in number especially in metro cities.
  2. Salary/Income : You will earn enough for your needs but the net income is less when compared to branches like Radiology, Orthopedics , general medicine and gynaecology. The monthly income is much higher for dermatologists doing private practice in towns when compared to cities. ( Of course, like in any other field, the successful specialists at the top earn very well but it takes a lot of time, effort and skill with a tiny bit of luck added to achieve that level of success). Though the pay structure (income) is similar for all in government sector.
  3. Start early- Due to increasing competition what ever you have decided to do (I.e. Job in government sector or your own private practice) , you should start early. If you start you career in government sector early , you will be ahead in seniority list , get promotions and increments early and can acquire administrative posts like (Head of Department, Dean, Principal, Medical Superintendent etc ) early and for longer tenure.
  4. Chronicity of most skin ailments - Most of the disorders treated by dermatologists are chronic in nature. Immediate resolution without any future recurrences is rare. Sometimes it is frustrating when a disease relapses in spite of all the effort made.

The Pros of choosing Dermatology as a specialisation are :

  1. No emergencies and no night shifts (except during pg period) - This is very comfortable because your time off from work is entirely your own and you can switch off your phone after work without feeling guilty.
  2. Clinical skills - In dermatology, diagnosis is still made on the basis of history and examination while investigations are used only for confirmation. So every case is a clinical challenge and a rare case diagnosed correctly gives you great satisfaction.
  3. Procedural dermatology - Nowadays most dermatologists perform minor procedures like chemical peels, electrodessication, cryotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, tattoo removals, micro needling and many more. This is a pro if you enjoy surgical work and is also very rewarding.
  4. Hair transplant : Not only plastic surgeons but many Dermatologist are also doing great in this field. So if you have good surgical skills and later you decide to pursue it full time, you can do that. No other branch offers such liberty.
  5. Investment - The initial investment to start a skin clinic is not very high. You only need premises and a few basic instruments.

To sum up , Dermatology is the right subject for those who wish to pursue an interesting clinical branch without compromising on leisure and family time. The income on the other hand is reasonable but not massive. If you have a good rank with clinical inclination and not ready to work as Radiologist (most preferred medical branch now a days), you can definitely find pride doing MD Dermatology. I am yet to meet a Dermatologist, who regrets taking Dermatology as career.