Best dog trainer in delhi

Best Dog Training in Delhi

We are the best dog trainer in New Delhi. Our dog trainer trains with three unique types of dog training. Basic Obedience, Guard Training, and Dog Show training

Dog Training 
Dog Training is extremely necessary for fitting a powerful bond between dog and owner. Whoof-Whoof provides coaching by understanding your puppy’s feeling and pace. As we tend to believe while not perceiving the puppy properly you can’t convey the message to them as all animals understand the language of sole vibes. therefore if you furthermore might wish to tune together with your puppy’s frequency you'll be able to select any of those coaching programs.


We provide three unique types of training i.e Basic ObedienceTraining, Guard Training, and Dog Show Training according to size and breed of your dogs which help them to stay active for a lifetime.

Basic Obedience Training:-

This is a basic training program that acquaints your dog to the essential orders or the basic commands required for the good behavior of your dog, like- stay, sit, come, down etc with or without a leash. This section of training also includes minor behavior problems such as chewing, jumping, barking, mouthing,etc. The training section will be short so that dogs do not feel bored and repetitive. If the dog is paying full attention then the training section can go for a longer period. This basic obedience training is ideal for all puppies and dogs who have not been trained before.

Guard Training:-

So many dogs are naturally born as guard dogs; their bark is adequate to make their owner aware of something surprising, and the caution they set up is an impediment. In Guard training we train your dog to bark if the stranger comes to your place that helps you to be aware that something suspicious is happening. On the second step if the stranger is forcefully coming at your home then they will start attacking him. Dog will attack on him and don’t let that person move until the owner comes out and checks that stanger. This training is not required for all dogs, only hyperenergetic dogs can be given this training.

Dog Show Training:-

We train your dog according to the dog show that you want to participate. The most common  commands that every dog should learn before entering a dog show are Hand stack, free stack, Bait train and yes the most important dog tolerance examination. In dog shows, judges and some dog lovers will physically examine a dog, touching its body and mouth. A dog who is ready for the show should be able to tolerate this with ease.


We focus and use strategies that area unit reward primarily based and use positive reinforcements.

Our sessions area unit supposed to extend your bond together with your pet, lay a foundation for a good partnership in future and make social and happy dogs.

Dog Training Programs at Whoof-Whoof
Ideal for: Puppy
Our 1st program is associate degree entry level educational program that introduces your canine friend to the essential commands that square measure essential for tight behavior, these embody (but not restricted to) sit, stay, heel and are available.

Your dog or pup may additionally have behavior issues like mouthing, barking, chewing, or jumping etc. These may also be taken care of throughout the coaching sessions.


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We make certain that these sessions square measure short so as to stop them from feeling bored. If your dog incorporates a longer span, these sessions will be extended alsothe bottom of those sessions is positive reinforcement which implies your dog can have lots of treats throughout the program. It's ideal for puppies that haven't been trained before.
Ideal for: full-grown Ups
The advanced course is for dogs that have a relatively longer span and a more robust understanding. below this batch, all the commands schooled below our Basic program square measure done, along side things like walking while not a leash to make sure you walk with a free head.

We'll conjointly get your dog to find out commands like fetch, roll over and a lot ofwe have a tendency to conjointly solve any behavior drawback like manduction, biting etc.


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