Best IVF Centre in India doing Hysteroscopy

In this article, you will get to know about the Hysteroscopy and the best IVF center in India doing Hysteroscopy.

Hysteroscopy is a procedure which is used by a doctor to check the insides of the uterus to examine the problem. If you are suffering from any infertility problems or any reproductive health problems then Hysteroscopy is the procedure to get the problem diagnosed in the most correct manner.

Mishka IVF,  Best IVF Centre in India, gives the best treatment for women infertility problems. We duly diagnose the problem with an efficient hysteroscopy procedure that is done at our clinic under the guidance of experienced and trained doctors. Mishka is proud of making infertile couples “parents”. Read further to know more about Mishka.

Know About Hysteroscopy

But first, We will try to give you a perception of Hysteroscopy. 

The things which people want to know about hysteroscopy are

Is hysteroscopy painful?

What happens during a hysteroscopy?

Is hysteroscopy dangerous?

Is hysteroscopy major surgery?


Hysteroscopy is used in the IVF  for those who have failed IVF cycles, where the doctors see the uterine growth and scar tissue which they remove. Many doctors use hysteroscopy routinely for the diagnosis of every patient before they start IVF treatment. They believe that removing polyps and scar tissue before starting the IVF treatment increases the success rate of the treatment. 

What happens during a hysteroscopy?

When a woman has heavy menstrual periods and severe cramping then the doctor suggests her to go for a hysteroscopy where the doctor will examine inside the uterus to find what exact problem the patient has. In hysteroscopy, the hysteroscope enters the uterus through the cervix. It’s a thin tube which has a small light and camera at the end. The doctor sees the inside of the uterus from a monitor that is connected to the camera. 

Is a hysteroscopy painful?

The answer to this question is, it shouldn’t be painful. Some people may experience minor cramping during the procedure. General anesthesia may be used if the patient wants to sleep during the procedure.

What can a hysteroscopy detect?

Hysteroscopy diagnosis can be used to look into problems like heavy periods, pelvic pain, unusual bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, and frequent miscarriages or someone who is getting difficulties in getting pregnant. 

By Hysteroscopy doctors can treat conditions like removing fibroids, polyps and intrauterine adhesions. 


Is hysteroscopy major surgery?

Hysteroscopy is not major surgery. A one-hour checkup can be done into a doctor’s clinic where the doctor gives local anesthesia which is used to numb the area where the examination is done. The cost of Hysteroscopy in India depends on some factors, does the procedure is diagnostic or operative. The cost of the hysteroscopy starts from 17000 to 55000 depending on the procedure. 

Now coming back to Mishka, The infertility center has gained people trust and faith in the last few years. According to many reviews couples consider Mishka as a perfect clinic to cure-all infertility problems. 

Why is Mishka the Best IVF Centre in India doing Hysteroscopy?

Mishka IVF center is a very well known IVF center in India which has the highest success rate in IVF. Mishka IVF is an advanced reproductive center that has provided many patients with the happiness of having a baby and has cured many patients who were suffering from reproductive health problems. Mishka IVF uses high technology to do hysteroscopy which is used for IVF treatments and other reproductive health problems. 

We use the latest IVF technologies to solve the problems of their patients. We have the most effective treatments available with a full range of services depending on the need of the patient. 

We provide counseling for the patients, office hysteroscopy, inseminations, ovulation induction, superovulation, In vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, preimplantation genetic counseling and screening, and more.

Specialty services like infertility evaluations and their treatments are offered in the clinic designed especially for our female patient’s comfort.

Why trust Mishka for your infertility problems?

Many patients directly go for the surgery which is not needed in their cases but it can be solved with the help of drugs. If you directly go for surgery then you are wasting your money and the decision may put you in trouble. Here at Mishka IVF we first go for low technology and low invasive solutions to cure your problems or we first prescribe you medicines that can easily cure you. 

 Mishka IVF provides you comfort, privacy and the highest quality of care for their patients. Mishka IVF understands your pain of not conceiving a child and Mishka IVF promises you to make your IVF journey comfortable and provide you with the happiness of a child. With our experience and advanced reproductive technologies, we will provide you with the best services in a safe environment. 

Our reviews

In today’s time, people are living a hectic life, where many people have a lot of stress and also a lot of people are in depression which has caused infertility rates. People are getting infertile because of a lot of stress. Mishka IVF is one of the fastest IVF centers in Rajasthan. Mishka IVF provides the highest success rates in IVF.  

There are many couples who have infertility problems and have invested a lot of money in the IVF procedure and have got no success. If you are still in your 30’s or 40’s and have infertility problems then you can get your infertility problems solved with the best IVF doctors in the town. 

Ruchi Bhandari is one of the best infertility specialists, obstetricians and Gynaecologist and she has 6 years of experience in this field and also she is the director of Mishka IVF. 

Some studies show that removing endometrial polyps can make you more fertile which can increase the chances of pregnancy rates and this can be done by hysteroscopy. So if you are facing infertility problems or any other reproductive health problems then come to Mishka IVF which is affordable and gives you the best services.

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