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RSF Packaging provides a wide range for top and bottom Kraft apparel boxes. We guarantee affordability and safety in Kraft apparel boxes.

RSF Packaging is the famous name in providing a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and designs for Kraft apparel boxes. Our Kraft apparel boxes are highly affordable. Our pricing is entirely market-competitive and at direct factory price. We offer fast, secure, and free shipping options to our customers. The best Kraft apparel boxes are of high quality and tailor-made.

They need the best designing and styles to adjust the product inside accurately. Our teams are wholly informative and knowledgeable about marketing needs and requirements. We offer highly innovative and accommodating solutions to your queries. For us, it is all about you.

A glance at the clothing and apparel industry:

The garments and clothing industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It is highly adaptive and changing around the year. Recently, as the trade war is ensuing between the US and China, the garments industry is witnessing tremendous fluctuations. Its traditional supply chains are shifting. The industry is rearranging according to demands and availability of raw materials and workforce.

Therefore, people involved in the business of apparel and clothing need to be innovative and market-oriented. New changes may oust already-existing suppliers but will also accommodate new entrants in the market. So, not just for large businesses, but also for an entrepreneur, there is a large market to capture.

Why you need Kraft apparel boxes?

When it comes to marketing strategies, clothing and apparel businesses know the importance of Kraft apparel boxes. These boxes are highly influential in meeting out to the actual marketing needs of a business.

Kraft apparel boxes are a handy tool for the packaging of clothes as well as shoes. If you are a customer of a shoe product, you may have seen shoes packed in Kraft boxes with lid. These Kraft boxes are usually in two pieces. Commonly, in garments and shoe industry, the white Kraft box is used. The white Kraft apparel box is trendy among business people as well also with consumers around the world. Especially, shirt packaging, in the garments industry, is closely associated with those white Kraft apparel boxes.

Also, these boxes provide a range of options in terms of shape, style, and size for apparel products. These products may range from socks, fabrics, to shirts, ties, and such knitwear. Kraft boxes are highly customizable for such clothing and apparel products. To further beautify their style add elegance, a Kraft apparel box may contain stickers and ribbons to wrap it up. But it depends upon the choice of a product owner and, to some extent, its affordability.


Perhaps, the most common Kraft apparel boxes are those that contain top and bottom lids. These boxes have a strong and robust base and a complete enclosure of walls. These boxes have a top cover. They do not need glue or gum to bind their lids or sides together. The boxes are popular because they provide better results and ensure safety.

Custom kraft apparel boxes?

Some custom Kraft apparel boxes use a robust, stable, and sturdy Kraft paper. These boxes, as their material of origin, indicates, are very tough and keep their shape during shipping and transport. These boxes, though bit costly, are also customizable in a range of designs and styles. Whether you look at them from their inside or outside, they are pleasant and good looking. Their shape does not get deformed during their usages.


If you are planning to offer a gift to someone you desire, then Kraft apparel gift boxes is a stunning choice to pack your giftThey help in making the look of your good, more charming, and enchanting.

Currently, many packaging companies offer a stock Kraft Apparel boxes. You may go to order Kraft apparel boxes at wholesale. Such practices further enhance the affordability of purchasing apparel boxes.


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