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Best New TV Guide In Bangladesh 2020

The Samsung TV will be a complete delight to have in your home. Investigate LED TV from Samsung online and also make Friday night's enjoyable film nights for you and your family.

What Is the Display Resolution?

An excellent Display can pave the way for picture-perfect visuals. Whether it's a fight scene or a romantic scene with a calm lake, everything will seem more real once you're watching it on television, which has a fantastic resolution. A 4K tv will bring out even the most minute details into life, thereby making it among the best display resolutions to get.

Say Hello to Smart TVs

This World TV Day sale, it is time to bid farewell to conventional television models and bring home a smart TV. Whenever you have a smart tv at home, you can locate and revel in refreshing articles from various streaming websites easily. That's not all; you have the liberty to select from many different applications and download those that will enhance your viewing experience. Some wise television models also come with the voice search feature, which permits you to use your voice and instantly access your shows.

Televisions with Built-in Chrome throw

Wish to cast your smartphone into the TV screen directly? Then it's possible to buy a television that accompanies a built-in Chrome throw, which lets you throw your favorite content from your phone directly to your tv.

Thus, these are a number of these new features which it is possible to start looking for while updating your tv. Apart from these, you can also have a quick look at the tv's sound features and connectivity choices. In this manner, you can connect any peripherals and utilize your TV monitor for gaming purposes too.

A True Cinematic Experience in Home with the Samsung TV

Have a great right from the visual content to the aural factors, the Samsung 139.7 cm (55) TV will be a complete delight to have in your home. Investigate LED TV price in Bangladesh from Samsung online and also make Friday night's enjoyable film nights for you and your family.

Explore the Samsung TV Online

Let's explore Amazing

These Samsung tv price in Bangladesh include the pure quad-core chip that optimizes the picture quality. With its bright screen of up to 350 units and Video Noise Reduction feature, this TV provides an enhanced viewing experience. HDR content and activity sequences will probably be crystal-clear. Due to this Clear View technology, the material that you flow online will have reduced compression noise.

Weddings are an emotional event, and Samsung smart tv price in Bangladesh can recreate a wedding scene with 16.7 million shades of color to make you feel as though you are in the middle of all of the emotional drama. Thanks to the 178-degree wide-angle display, more full-color gamut, and 100% color accuracy, you and your family members may enjoy enriched content on the screen from any spot in the room.

With features Like the Intelligent Dimming Technology, Dolby Vision, and HDR 10, this TV will optimize the brightness, contrast, and color to keep the content sharp and vivid.

Pure Sound

The Bottom-firing speakers, together with the Dolby Digital and DTS TruSurround technology, deliver hi-fidelity sound while keeping every subtle detail intact. For your digitally streamed movies and tunes, the Clear Sound technology reduces the compression, so the sound is crystal-clear. With the Drama, Action, Music, and High Bass modes, it's possible to enjoy your content the way it is supposed to be.

Dolby Audio Makes it possible for you to enjoy the nuances of your audio, thanks to features like Dialogue Enhancement and Volume Leveling. Reimagine your listening affair with JBL - listen to your favorite songs like never before.

Elegant Design

Right from The build quality to design elements, everything that the Samsung TV flaunts was carefully considered. While possessing a clean and straightforward form factor, the Samsung 139.7 cm (55) TV stays true to the geometric layout - somewhat sacred, we would say. Its bezel-less design gives you a seamless infinity-edge seeing experience.

Strong Performance

Using a Strong quad-core chip, 2.25 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, and MEMC technologies, and this Samsung TV give you a blur-free viewing experience while ensuring that your favorite programs are just a click away.


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