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Food is something that we all love. It's our need, and we can't live without it. Some of us just eat it to fill up our stomachs, and some of us experience each and every single bite of it and feel the taste of every single ingredient used in that particular food. So, this is what makes food lovers different from normal people.


We all know today this pandemic has caused a major disruption in every field of our life. We can't roam out, have parties, go to the pubs and enjoy, just like we did before. This pandemic has taken all our freedom and has made us helpless. There is nowhere to go and enjoy. We can't even leave our home and have some food outside. 


We all were forced to be inside our houses and were not allowed to visit any public place due to this pandemic. Shops were closed, and there was nothing that was operational during these days of lockdown. But one thing that the pandemic showed us was, we can make everything at home and cooking is not that difficult.


There were many people during this lockdown who became really good chefs. Many of us tried various dishes at home and were successful in our first attempt. Many of us tried to cook, bake, brew and BBQ. And to be honest, this part of the lockdown was fun. All of us tried some really difficult dishes and made them perfectly. The cravings that we had for the fast-food were simply satisfied by the homemade fast-food and various other dishes we have never thought of making at home.


And the real benefit that we think this pandemic gave us was the right career direction. The food industry is the largest and the most rapidly growing one in this world. People love to eat and spend lots of money on fast-food chains like KFC or Subway. After the pandemic is gone, this food industry will rise more and will see a large spike in its market value.


So, why not improvise the skills that we got during the lockdown and make our career out of it? This was the question that many of the people asked themselves and got interested in the food industry. People now believe that they can make good food and want to make this hobby of theirs a full-time job. 


And talking about America, people there are also interested in making their career in this food and hotel industry, which is a nice step. But the real problem is to get the proper and professional knowledge of cooking food. We can make food, but the industry requires a proper degree or diploma to believe you, and that is really important if you want to work for some multinational brands. 


So, where to get this diploma or degree from? From where can you get the cooking classes? These are the two questions that people nowadays are asking and want an answer for. But don't you worry guys. Here we have the list of top 5 courses that you can register for and become a good chef and can have a great career in it.


  1.  Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts: This is one of the best cooking institutions that offer various courses in culinary and pastry arts education. You can either opt for a diploma or degree in the above-listed fields. They also have an online program for those who can't visit the institution. Having multiple branches in different cities that include Boulder, Colorado and texas, this institution has everything that you would need to be a good chef. 


  1. Rachael Ray's Yum-o! Cooking Camp: The famous Racheal Ray, who is a known celebrity chef in the U.S has started her own cooking online cooking program. As posted by her on Instagram, she would be giving some online cooking classes for those who want to be a good cook and make some great dishes. The program is basically for the kids of the age group 8-14, but parents can get involved too. Register yourself and learn from one of the best chefs in the United States.


  1. Udemy: We all have heard about Udemy. It is one of the best online platforms that provide online certifications in various courses. Cooking and culinary is also one of the courses that you can register for and learn cooking from the best and experienced personalities over there. It has minimal fees and can be done remotely, and there are no time restrictions as well. 


  1. America's Test Kitchen Online Cooking School: another cooking school that you can choose for learning cooking and culinary courses online is the Test Kitchen cooking school. This school offers you various online content that is provided by the highly experienced instructors and faculty that they have. You will find around 320 courses after registering with them and can access any of them you want.


  1. ChefSteps: Last but not least, this site is something that you will find really interesting and will offer various courses that can help you to be a good cook. They teach everything from KFC recipes to the ones that we make at home. All the courses are made by the highly experienced and knowledgeable faculties. You can watch all the sessions anytime you want after you buy their course.


So, this was our list of top 5 online cooking courses that you can apply for and learn from the best ever faculties. We are sure this article will help you and will ease the process of searching for you.


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