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Friends- with whom you can sit for the whole day and will never get bored. Best place to hangout with Friends in Bareilly.The “Zhumka City”, Bareilly is famous for many lick smacking cuisines and delicacies. It offers many food joints which can really hypnotize you. Bareilly has some best Cafe in Bareilly is a good blend of advancement, liveliness and peace. The city has exceptionally good education system with a number of good ICSE, CBSE and UP Board schools. People are relaxed and the madness of a city like New Delhi has not caught on to us. It has a good train network to major cities. It lies in the center of state capital and national capital and that has its perks in terms of transportation and business. It has its fair share of all the 6 seasons of the north.

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Bareilly is a city that welcomes you with its open heart and loving arms. It is also known as बांस बरेली. The city is famous for its bamboo products, jhumke- earnings, various no.s of Lord Shiva temples which attracts a lot of devotees towards the city during festive time, chaat- sweet and savory snack and the peace and brotherhood that signifies the love and care bareillians have for each other irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

Now coming to the point of best restaurants, well there are many such places. The “Zhumka City”, Bareilly is famous for many lick smacking cuisines and delicacies. It offers many food joints which can really hypnotize you. The place also has a Best Bakery in Bareilly serving baked cakes, pastries along with packet items and special sweets.

Boston Bakery and Cafe are masters in patisserie, bakery and confectionery products. The cafe serves delicious Italian, Mexican and Continental cuisines and the lively and vibrant ambience makes it even more special. The live counters caters to your taste.

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