Best Place To Visit Near Delhi For A Day

Best Place To Visit Near Delhi For A Day

Pratapgarh Farms reopens on August 3rd this summer It’s that time of the year again! With great excitement and anticipation, we are happy to announce the reopening of Pratapgarh Farms for the monsoon and winter season in 2019.

Pratapgarh Farms reopens on August 3rd  this summer

It’s that time of the year again! With great excitement and anticipation, we are happy to announce the reopening of Pratapgarh Farms for the monsoon and winter season in 2019. 

Here is all that is worth getting excited about: 

Weekend Gateways

Pratapgarh Farms A unique holiday experience comes alive at this charming Ethnic Holiday village and Farm Tourism Destination with unlimited food, fun, and masti. Visit here for perfect Weekend getaways, birthday parties celebration and anniversary celebration. Pratapgarh Farms is the Best place to visit near Delhi for a day.

Animal rides

Saheba and Saheli cannot wait any longer for your company! Our animal friends and birds on the farm are so ready to go for a ride with you. Enjoy camel rides, bullock cart rides, feeding the birds, and petting the cows at Pratapgarh Farms this monsoon season!

Monsoon-inspired mud baths

This activity is especially enjoyed by school students! With the arrival of monsoons, the mud baths are going to be even muddier! Mud baths are simple and fun, and an opportunity of togetherness that is common in the villages of Haryana. When student groups visit the farm, they love to roll in the mud and dance together without a care in the world. 

Peaceful green walks

The rains really make the farm come alive. Walk around on the 12-acre farm that will be lively and green this monsoon season, covered in trees, gardens, and expansive land in the countryside. It will be an ideal time to get away from the noise and traffic in the city and get away to peaceful nature and vibrant Haryanavi culture.

Traditional Haryanavi food

Our visitors love the organic food prepared in the rural kitchens of the farm. Be it desi chaach, kachri ki chutney, bajre ki khichdi, traditional desserts, home-grown paneer, or refreshing sugarcane. You can have all of it, unlimited, with your friends and family this monsoon season!

Cultural and creative activities

For those who love sports, there are traditional games like gulle danda and pithoo, and for lovers of creation, we have pottery and mud painting on the wall at the farm. That’s only one percent of all the fun activities enjoyed by children and adults alike. Everyone has an opportunity to engage in personal pursuits as well like dart shooting and grain pounding.

Experience a superb holiday with your family. We welcome you to unlimited fun and food, live entertainment, music dance, natural beauty care, games, sports, adventure activities for the full day. There is something in it for everyone – Ladies, Gentlemen and Children, Grandpa and Grandma. Come and have a wonderful and memorable day with your family. The package comes to you at an unbelievable low price. Pratapgarh Farms bring to your students, teachers and the entire school community, a safe and secure place full of fun, adventure, learning, and enjoyment, amid the rolling green farmlands in the lap of mother nature within 1 to 2 hours of driving time from your school. Surrounded by lush green fields growing wheat, mustard, barley, sugarcane:- the ethnic village and tourism farm has 15 acres of gated resort campus. The gated campus has a lake, lush green gardens – Nakshatra Vatika, Rashi Vatika, Navgriha Vatika, Triphala Kunj, Panchvati, Bodhvatika, Guru ka Bagh - which are a learning experience by themselves. There is an animal farm with cows, buffaloes, camels, goats, ducks, rabbits, emu bird, fowls, and chicken. The farm resort has a hygienic Kitchen with R.O water purifiers covered dining area laid out in ethnic style, Haveli style Halls and rural style huts for domestic and fun activities. On your arrival, you receive a royal and traditional welcome. There will never be a moment without excitement. A day full of fun, enjoyment, games, sports, adventure, and learning unfolds before you.

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