Best spine surgeon in Bangalore

Best spine surgeon in Bangalore

Maintain a healthy weight, consuming a healthy diet, and practicing good posture along with exercising regularly, should be done to avoid spine related problems. In case you experience spinal issues, there are many best spine surgeons in India to help you out.

Best spine surgeon in Bangalore to treat normal and abnormal spine curves

As you age, your spine also ages the same as the rest of your body. With increasing age, people may expect discomfort, aches, and stiffness, along with soreness in the spine. In India, there are some of the best spine surgeons to do spine treatments.  There are many spine related problems faced by people and which should be treated as soon as possible. The healthy spine is mobile and strong; however, it varies as per its size and shape. A healthy spine has the front to back curves that support and help people to walk, stand, sit, balance as well as twist. The time when this front to back curve become large, they start creating problems. Some classifications of abnormal curves of the spine are listed below:

·         Kyphosis – this is the condition when the backward curve of the spine if too great

·         HypoKyphosis- it is the condition when there is not enough backward curve in the spine

·         Thoracic lordosis – it is the condition when the natural outward curve in the spine is reversed and starts curving into the chest

·         Hyper-lordosis – the condition in which the inward curve in the lower back is too great.

However, the natural spine curve is from front to back, and it does not curve sideways that much. The side to side curve is known as scoliosis and takes the S shape or else C shape.

Development of normal spine curves

·         At the time of fetal growth, the primary curve develops in Utero

·         Babies start their life with a C shape spine, and their secondary curve grows as they become able to sit, stand, crawl, walk, or lift their head.

·         The spinal curve continues to grow as children grow and become a normal spine.

Causes of several spinal problems

There are many causes of spinal problems; some are listed below:

·         Some spinal problems are congenital i.e., present at birth

·         Some spinal problems are idiopathic i.e.; their definite cause is unknown

·         Sometimes the cause of spinal problems is the result of bone dysplasias i.e., the genetically abnormal bone growth

·         Some spinal problems are related to metabolic conditions owing to internal body chemistry

·         Some spinal problems are related to connective tissue disorders

·         Some spinal problems are linked with the difference in leg lengths

·         Some spinal issues are connected with spinal cord injury with paralysis

·         Some spinal problems are due to infection as well as tumors

 Keep in mind if you injure your back, you should immediately treat it as serious injuries must be addressed by best spine surgeons. Surely you cannot reverse the damage done, but you can prevent your spine from getting any worse.

List of some of the best spine surgeons in Bangalore

Below are some of the best spine surgeons in Bangalore:

Dr. Subodh M Shetty- Orthopaedic - Spine Surgeon

·         Having more than 24 years of experience and working at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Bangalore

·         Underwent training in minimally invasive spine surgery in Japan and operated over 5000 spine patients with deformities, infections, traumatic spine, disc problems, along with hunch back problems.

·         His interests are in revision spine surgery and complicated spine problems

Dr. Murali Mohan S- Spine Surgeon

·         Having more than eight years of experience and is one of the best neurosurgeons in his region

·         His interest includes Complex spine surgery, C V Junction, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Stereotactic surgery, Skull Base surgery.

·         Performed thousands  and more neurosurgical procedures



The spine is just one of many parts that are affected by use, age, lifestyle as well as inactivity. It is essential to stay updated regarding how you can keep your spine healthy as it is more susceptible to damage and injury as you age

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