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Best Tire Brands In The World As Of 2021

The brand is always a consideration most of us think of when deciding on any purchase. When buying new tires, a trusted, credible, and reliable brand is such a luxury. It helps to have one because there are lots of options nowadays.

The brand is always a consideration most of us think of when deciding on any purchase. When buying new tires, a trusted, credible, and reliable brand is such a luxury. It helps to have one because there are lots of options nowadays.

With the vast amount of tires for different vehicles in the market, it’s easy to get lost in the number of options you have. Hence, people look for a brand or multiple brands they can trust. And in case you want to look for something new, you’d have lots to choose from as well.

It’s only right that you go for the best ones out there. So take a look at the current best tire brands in the world as reviewed by many car enthusiasts and experts.


This French multinational tire manufacturing company is recognized as the second-largest tire manufacturer in the world today. Aside from that, Michelin has been in business since 1889, which means they’ve already established quite a reputation in the automotive industry.

For this year, Michelin’s catalog has 53 different tire models and is also one of the manufacturers that offer more than one specific tire for winter. In addition to manufacturing passenger car tires and rubber for other automobiles, they also produce good quality tires for motorcycles.

Michelin also consistently works on reducing potential risk factors in their tires, creating well-balanced rubber in terms of overall performance. Thus, most of their tires are ideal for everyday use because they’re safe for rugged roads and withstand harsh weather.

Some of their top-tier tires that most tire ranking and review sites recommend include the Premier LTX Highway and All-Season Defender. And although they’re on the expensive side, you can have access to all tire types at their best quality, making their pricing reasonable.


This German tire manufacturing company reached its 150th year this year. They’re known for producing tires that work well for luxury automobile brands and providing excellent quality tires for passenger cars and motorcycles.

Since they make tires that suit luxury automobiles, Continental generally concerns itself with mainstream automotive tire production. They have excellent high-performance tires, touring tires, and medium-duty truck and SUV tires. Although they focus on that portion of the market, they also have safe tires for rough terrains, such as their TerrainContact A/T All-Terrain Tire.

With Continental, you get more confidence when you drive on roads with potential hazards and a substantial range of tires that will perform well.


Goodyear is the best American tire manufacturer in the world today and is definitely up in the top four. Aside from automobiles, commercial and lightweight trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles, they also produce tires for airplanes and race cars like the first two companies on this list.

They have an array of 85 different tires, which means product range is not a problem. For example, if you’re driving a sedan or a minivan, they have the Assurance Fuel Max All-Season tire and the Wrangler SR-A Highway tire for SUVs and trucks.

Goodyear is also popular for the durability of its tires. Aside from that, their products are also suitable for driving as fast as 200 mph. Combine those with the range of their products, and you get access to the best possible tires you can own.


Bridgestone is a Japanese tire manufacturer that merged with an American company called Firestone in 1900. Since then, they’ve managed to build a conglomerate to become the largest tire manufacturer in the world today. To this day, they continue to rule Asian markets such as India.

Being the largest manufacturer in the world right now, they have over 100 different tires for just about every driver and vehicle. Their Blizzak tire line essentially reinvented how winter tires should be made and are currently available in nine different varieties.

Bridgestone is also using renewable sources to make better products and devote themselves to help push for more eco-friendly tire manufacturing for the environment. An example of this would be their All-Season ECOPIA which tire reviewers consider a one-of-a-kind all-season tire with its eco-friendly design and superior handling.

BF Goodrich

Another one of the top tire-producing companies in the U.S., BF Goodrich has been around for the past 115 years and is part of Michelin’s family of brands. They concentrate on producing tires optimized for enhancing driver safety. They use superior technology to create products that remain uncompromised even in challenging terrains.


While they only have a narrow product range that stops at 21 different tires, you can be assured that you’ll get top quality even with fewer options. For instance, they have the Advantage All-Season T/A Sport Tire that features Aqua Flume Technology to offer a firm road grip. That’s just one out of the other models with great quality for passenger vehicles and SUVs.

Wrapping up

These are the premier tire brands where you can find the best rubber for your vehicle. Now that you know which tires are at the top of their class, your choice comes down to other factors, such as your driving habits and size. Knowing which brands to pick from makes shopping easier and more enjoyable, as you get to explore and learn more about your options.


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