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Breast Cancer & Its Myths | Things you should know - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer

It's October, breast cancer awareness month. So if you see pink ribbons floating around, on your social media feed then know that they’re there for supporting people suffering from breast cancer. Breast cancer is a lethal disease, caused by mutation of cells with damaged DNA and when that cells start reproducing it grows into a lump/tumor. That tumor forms cancer if left untreated. Such tumors often occurs at places with thick tissues like thighs, breasts, forearms etc. 
Signs that may indicate breast cancer - The Symptoms 
● A lump in breast or armpit 
● pain in the armpits or breast that does not change with the monthly cycle.

● Pitting or redness of the skin of the breast, similar to the surface of an orange.

● A rash around or on one of the nipples.

● Discharge from a nipple, possibly containing blood.

● A sunken or inverted nipple.

● A change in the size or shape of the breast.

● Peeling, flaking, or scaling of the skin on the breast or nipple. 

How does breast cancer happen - The causes  Since the definite cause of breast cancer remains unclear, here are some risk factors to be aware of to avoid the disease:  

● Age

● Genetics

● A history of breast cancer/lumps

● Dense breast tissue

● Estrogen exposure and breastfeeding

● Body weight

● Alcohol consumption

● Radiation exposure 

Don’t let rumors cloud your judgement - The Myths   Here are some common myths about breast cancer that will change your assumptions & mindset about the disease:  
1. Myth ​ : ​ Men don’t (or can’t) get breast cancer. Fact:​ Men may not think of themselves as having breasts. For men, it’s their chest or their “pecs,” but the fact is men have breast tissue. So, men can get breast cancer! In 2015, about 2,350 new cases of invasive breast cancer and 440 breast cancer deaths are expected among men in the U.S. 
2. Myth: ​ Drinking milk (or dairy) causes breast cancer. Fact: ​ ​Several myths persist about the correlation between dairy intake and the increased risk of breast cancer.  Over many decades, studies have shown that dairy consumption does not increase the risk of breast cancer. 
 3. Myth: ​ Wearing a bra causes breast cancer. Fact: ​ Don’t worry; you can keep wearing your bra (if you want). Scientific evidence does not support a link between wearing an underwire bra (or any type of bra) and breast cancer risk. There is no biological reason why the two would be linked. 
4. Myth: ​ Putting a cell phone in your bra can cause breast cancer. Fact: ​ You can relax a bit because studies have found no increase in the risk of breast cancer or other types of cancer from cell phone use. 
5. Myth: ​ If I eat right, don’t smoke, exercise and don’t drink alcohol I won’t get breast cancer. Fact: ​ A person can do everything “right” and still get breast cancer. For breast cancer, most risk factors that we have some control over, like exercising and eating healthy only have a small effect on risk. This means there is no one behavior that will prevent breast cancer. 

Another ‘Myth’ that is common is that there’s no cure for cancer. From the day of diagnosis you start living your life as if everyday is your last day. Now, that’s not bad but the ‘Fact’ is that you're allowing the cancer to have power & fear over you and unconsciously you’re just giving up on yourself a little bit, each passing day. Rise above the Myth & stand strong against the disease, for you’re Strong & Beautiful. You can’t let a disease stand in your way of your happiness & peace of mind.

Cancer can be fought with proper treatments and moral support. Doctors say the medicines & treatments doesn’t work if your body’s not ready to accept them. The stronger your willpower is the better your medicines work. Be Happy, Meditate & Relax, we all get one beautiful life, don’t give up on it. That’s why Senitta pledges to offer support & gratitude to these families by educating people about the issue & you can do it too, by providing emotional if not financial support.  

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