T Homes in Ghaziabad

Build Your Future with T Homes in Siddarth Vihar, Ghaziabad

T&T Group is the top real estate developers or builders in Siddarth Vihar, Ghaziabad. This group has introduced the first digital home in India, T Homes. With variant sizes of 3&4 BHK apartments, you can choose a vibrant yet healthy lifestyle that encourages independence through innovative technology.

Have you ever imagined how will smart homes look like ten years from now? Thanks to the technological advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence), a smart home can truly learn about its occupants or owners and respond accordingly to the requirement.

According to Statista, the future of the smart home is pretty exciting as there will be more than 31 billion devices that will be connected to the IoT (Internet of Things) by 2020, and this number will exponentially grow to 75.4 billion by 2025 (almost an increase of fivefold in 10 years).

A range of developments in the technology can fully drive the technology of smart homes far beyond what it is available now on the store shelves. You might have already witnessed the working of AI-powered voice assistants gadgets. But in smart homes, these AI platforms will function as the brain for the entire home, learning about the occupants and owner. These smart technologies will also automate and coordinate with all the smart gadgets.

As per the ABIresearch, the services and appliances of a smart home will play a huge role in designing the smart city. A smart home will lead to a smart community (a miniature version of a smart city). But with the personal impact and flexibility of a smart home, these communities can together come to build a vision of a smart city. Here are some benefits of owning Smart Homes i.e T Homes.

Community features of T Homes

  1. 24-hours staffing.
  2. Exercise room
  3. Clubhouses
  4. Maintenance staff on duty
  5. Children’s park

Amenities of T Homes

  1. 24/7 water supply.
  2. Surveillance camera
  3. Individual climate controls
  4. Best quality smart home appliances and devices
  5. Robust construction.

Here is a deeper look at some of the major benefits of owning smart home technology:-

Conveniently protect your belongings

From plug with auto turn-offs to smoke detectors that are WI-Fi equipped, you can easily and quickly respond to the unexpected scenarios. Suppose, there is a leakage at your home. With the help of moisture monitoring devices or smart water leaks, you can get quick notification and alerts and stops the leaks, before any major mold or flooding. Don’t you think it is a convenient way to protect your belongings proactively?

Cuts down your utility bills

If you are one of those who seek alternatives to “Go Green”, “Save Mother Earth”, Congratulations, Here is the good news!! Smart homes can provide you with smarter solutions. At smart homes, you can switch off or adjust the smart lightings, smart thermostats, etc according to your requirements. In response, you can reduce a lot on your monthly utility cost.

More Benefits of digital homes

  1. A boon for physically disabled and elders.
  2. Enhanced productivity
  3. Highly secured space for children.
  4. Efficient energy-saving that can reduce your utility bills.
  5. Pollution-free space
  6. Effective time management.
  7. Monitor and control the security of your space.
  8. The home control system that is fully enabled with smartphone apps.

Wrapping it up!!

Finally, the technology of the smart home will surely build your future. It will be wise if you give a thought on investing in this smart technology. With the advancement in technology, you can own these valuable treasures at mere costing. T&T Group has introduced the first-ever digital homes in India. The smart solution at very discounted rates. The best part about investing with T&T is that you do not have to invest any extra on the smart appliances and devices. You are not only investing in smart technologies but rather making an investment for your security and safety.

Why wait? Grab the opportunity and build a luxurious future for your family!!

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