Canada’s Express Entry System for Skilled Migrants

Canada, an important country to relocate and migrate to. There would be no person on Earth who wouldn’t know about Country Canada.

Canada, an important country to relocate and migrate to. There would be no person on Earth who wouldn’t know about Country Canada. However, what one might not know, is the fact that Canada has been one of the best countries welcoming migrants into their country and yet make them feel very much at home there. Canada has been inviting immigrants into their country to address the shortage the country is facing to fill in the jobs.

Express Entry System-

To help ease the work of the Federal Government and filter the right candidates, the Canadian Government came up with the Express Entry System. This is a complete electronic process where the Federal Government, Provincial Governments and Canadian Government Employees work together to find the suitable candidates for Permanent Resident Visa Processing. Based on the requirements, the Canadian Employer or the Canadian Immigration officer can enter the pool to choose a profile suitable for their requirements. There is a pool of profiles created in this system from where the selections happen.

Each profile is given a certain score and based on the score, the profiles get ranked. The top-ranked profiles are the ones which get chosen for further Canada Permanent Resident processing.

Who are qualified to apply under this system-

  1. Skilled Workers/professionals
  2. Skilled Traders
  3. Professionals/traders who want to work in designated provinces of Canada
  4. Canadian Experience Class workers/professionals

Eligibility Criteria for profiles to enter Express Entry Pool-

  1. The primary applicant must be 18 years and above
  2. He/she should have a minimum of 15 years of education from recognized universities
  3. Work experience could add to the score of the applicant. However, it’s not mandatory to have the same.
  4. The applicant should meet the Canadian Language Benchmark suggested at the time of application (either in English or French or Both as the need be)
  5. If the applicant has a job offer, it would be an added advantage to the applicant’s score. However, having a job offer is not mandatory
  6. The applicant’s spouse’s score will also add to the overall score depending on the same factors.
  7. The job profile of the applicant, if it's in the list of current hot jobs in Canada, then this could add to the overall score of the applicant.

Along with the application, the applicant will have to submit certain documents supporting the criteria above. Once the application gets selected from the Pool, the applicant will get an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Permanent Residence with the Federal Government.


Skilled Workers/Professionals –

Working professionals are in high demand at any given point of time. As per the recent revelations by the Canadian Government, they still have to fill in 3 lakh vacancies in the coming 3 years. This they plan to achieve by inviting more foreign applicants to migrate to Canada. In the year 2018 alone, there were around 1,00,000 immigrants into Canada. All that one needs to ensure is submitting the right application with the right information and right documents supporting the information. This is one of the easiest methods to obtain PR in Canada.

Skilled Tradesmen –

There is an everlasting demand for Skilled Tradesmen who can prove their efficacy in the line of their trade. There are very few applications that come in under this program. Hence, the score would be low. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, supervisors, technicians all fall under this category. Although the requirement under this category is less, the applicants need to have at least education equivalent to the high school education in Canada. They also will have to achieve the Canadian Language Benchmark set at the time of application.

Professionals/traders who want to work in designated provinces of Canada (Provincial Nomination Program-PNP)

Skilled professionals or traders who want to work in particular provinces in Canada can take this approach. For certain provinces, it is mandatory that the applicants submit an Expression of Interest. However, in most provinces, this is not mandatory. The provinces who have a demand for the job mentioned by the applicant, can simply choose from the Express Entry pool and nominate them for Canada PR. Earlier, there was a provision where a direct approach was possible surpassing the Express entry pool. Now, there is no such provision. Every profile has to go through Express Entry Pool to be qualified for any program. The PNP is also applicable for Investors looking to invest in particular provinces depending on the demand of their investment.

Canadian Experience Class workers/professionals

The Canadian Experience Class workers/professionals are those individuals who have had prior experience working in Canada or are those who have studied in a recognized university in Canada. Such workers/professionals need to have a minimum of 1 year of Canadian experience during the past 3 years prior to the submission of application.

There are other modes to enter Canada. One can apply for Canadian PR through the various investment programs or as a temporary foreign worker through his/her corporate or as a student to study in Canada.

Benefits of migrating to Canada-

  1. Access to world-class health benefits
  2. Access to Best quality free primary Education
  3. Canada has been adjudged as the 11th most favorable country to live in due to the infrastructure and living conditions there.
  4. Enjoying adventure sports and picturesque locations
  5. Living in Canada will allow easy access to the USA, its neighbor
  6. Qualified to apply for Canadian citizenship after 3-4 years of living in Canada
  7. Can sponsor or invite parents or grandparents to live in Canada for a shorter period of time.

Living in Canada, can help one climb the professional ladder at a faster pace, leading to economical gain and having better living conditions.

There are other pathways to enter Canada. The various investment programs and the short term foreign worker programs are just a few to mention.

Although it is possible to apply directly for Canada PR, it is advisable to go through a professional immigration firm. For a professional immigration firm to be qualified to take your case to the IRC, it is mandatory that the firm is registered with ICCRC (the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).


Author- Varun Singh
Managing Director of XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt.Ltd.

Investment Migration Council- Member

Varun is an International Investment Migration Consultant and a member of the Investment Migration Council.

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