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To setup the wireless extender, to the router we have to access the website named

To setup the wireless extender, to the router we have to access the website named Thisis a local website and not an ordinary one which can be accessed online. This website helps in the process of Genie setup and Netgear Extender setup. This website can be easily operated through any browser, the site is specially designed for extender setup and its operation. The site is very effortless to operate and login process is not very difficult. To login with Apple devices the site is mywifiext localand for all other devices

Router Installation

  1. With an Ethernet cable, connect the router to the yellow Internet port placed on the back side of the extender.
  2. Same as connect your computer to the Router.
  3. Put on the Led lights by pressing the power button of the Router.
  4. With the help of any browser enter
  5.  Fill in the default user namepassword and login.
  6. Now click and go to ADVANCED>Setup Wizard.
  7. Click Yes >Next. And you are directed to login.
  8. Fill in your new login credentials.
  9. At last you may be asked some security questions.

Now if there is no firmware update available then your Router is setup. But if there is an update available then click yes to update and the Router will be updated and you will be directed to the login page. Enter your new username and password and your router setup is done. Once your Router setup process is completed, you can connect your Extender.

Web Installation process of the Extender

  • Connect your computer or mobile device to the wifi network.
  • Open the site through any of the updated web browser.
  • If you are an apple user then use www.miwifiext.local.
  • Connect to the extender network named NETGEAR_EXT through your computer or mobile.
  • Login page will be displayed, enter your default username and password.
  • Now you have to move to the setup page.
  • Press enter and go ahead as prompted.

After connecting take your computer or mobile device to the place where you receive poor signal and check. If you do not receive signal then shift your extender closer to your router. While login the extender you may receive some error messages to avoid those you may take care of these steps.



Troubleshoots issues while login

  1. Keep your Router and Extender in the same room while connecting. Once you are connected to your Wifi at Mywifiext you can move your router to any other convenient place you want.
  2. Check the electrical outlet whether its providing proper power to the Extender so that its power led light turns green.
  3. Make sure that the Led lights of both the Extender and the Router must be lit, if not then plug it again.
  4. Check whether your browser is updated. And type the default IP address
  5. If you cannot access your Extender after all these steps then, reset your browser and try again.
  6. Try to attempt the process repeating by different browser to make sure that it’s not a browser issue.
  7. You can also try Ethernet cable to connect the Extender.
  8. Still after all these efforts if you cannot connect then you can contact Netgear support and talk with our expert.

Some of the common error messages by different browsers are like “Page cannot be displayed” or “you are not connected to a network”by Internet Explorer. “Unable to connect to the internet” or “Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to internet” by Google Chrome. “Server not found “by Firefox and “can’t find server” by Safari.