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Car loan benefits

Car loan refers to the type of loan in which a person can avail amount from the bank to purchase a car. There are some forms of private and government that are providing such kinds of loans to the people. The loan provided by the banks comes with different interest rates depending upon the amount that the lender is offering to the buyer.

Many of the car companies have also collaborated with the banks and as helping the buyers to purchase their cars at lesser interest rates compare two to the other banks. This also helps in the marketing of the cars as the company that is providing a better interest rate with the collaboration with the bank will be recognized among the buyers. The process of applying for a loan differs from bank to bank. Getting a car loan is very easy and quick nowadays as the amount is paid to the customer within 24 hours after the documentation process is simply to visit the companies site and look for deals most of the banks also provide EMI calculator on their sites which will help the buyers to compare the amount of EMI that they have to pay and compare the EMI with the other banks that are providing the same loan.

Some of the steps that need to be followed are as follows:

Firstly you need to fill the form whether you are going for an offline-online procedure. The step the person availing the loan needs to fill up all the vital details that are required such as age, income, etc. After the submission of the documents verification procedure takes place in which all the details mentioned by the applicant are verified. 

If all the documents are proved to be valid and the person is considered to be creditworthy approved within 2 days. Security fee is also charged that is equivalent to a certain percentage of the total amount to be taken by the bar to buy his or her car.  

There are types of car loans offered by the banks these and rude loans for a new car, loan against car and loan for pre-owned cars:-

 Advance for the new car: As the name proposes, a new car loan is an account that banks give to the purchasers for the acquisition of a new vehicle. For the most part, banks give up to 85% of the total estimation of the vehicle under this kind of car account. In such sort of loans, this kind of loan can be benefited from when the buyer is about to buy the car. The vehicle is given with security and the client needs to pay the EMIs routinely to take care of the advance sum inside the determined period of time. Banks can also take away the car if there is any kind of default in the repayment of the EMI payment of EMI within the predetermined period of time.

Loan for a pre-owned vehicle: A pre-owned vehicle or a used car is called a used car which is now utilized by one or numerous clients for a specific time span. Banks or money offices offer a loan for such used vehicles which are not old over 3 years. Since vehicles are deteriorating resources and will in general lose their quality as time passes the amount for such vehicles are similarly low than the amount offered for another vehicle. SBI car loan online offers half to 85% of the current market estimation of the vehicle. In specific cases, banks offer up to 90% of the vehicle's amount. 

Loan against a vehicle, This is an uncommon sort of car loan where the banks give a loan to the borrowers against their vehicle to meet their monetary requirements. Borrowers who are needing cash profit from this sort of car loan.


Any client can profit up to 50-80% of the current estimation of the vehicle under this loan. The vehicle is taken as the security for this situation and is delivered back after the amount is paid off, you should meet certain car loan eligibility criteria and these prerequisites can vary from bank to bank. 

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