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Active Pest Control is the ultimate pest control service provider that can rid your home or office of the ravaging carpenter ants through effective and professional carpenter ant control measures among other categories of pest controls. Have you ever lied down on the forest floor with your ears on the ground or just spent a night in a grounded tent in the woods? Those familiar with the outdoors know the never-ending rustling and faint pattering sounds that are synonymous with the outdoor environment where nature is undisturbed. These sounds are often a result of the hyper-activity of carpenter ants going about their business in the wild. One thing for sure, however, is that these ants are best seen and interacted within the open wild, NOT indoors! Once that happens, you have a serious problem and definitely need the help of carpenter ant control services.



Wherever these wild ants are, serious consequences are bound to follow. These varieties of ants are very vicious and bad news for any form of human habitat. If left unattended, their effects can be very severe and costly. Let’s look at some of the key consequences of an invasion by carpenter ants


Ants are naturally designed to break down anything in their plants for food and for habitation purposes whether trees, animals or dirt. With ants in the house, all your property becomes vulnerable to this natural attack. Carpenter ants destroy just about everything wooden whether its furniture or wall structure and leave it hollow as they seek refuge inside. Our ant control services can, however, rid your property of these ants through a variety of strategies such as fumigation which disperses and eradicates all ants invading your property.


Carpenter ants an easily present a variety of hazards to your home or commercial property. Their activities leave large tunnels and holes all over that creates breaches on your property. Once these breaches have been created, your home becomes accessible to other dangerous elements such as snakes, moles, and other nasty pests. With our carpenter ant control service, these hazards can be eliminated for a more secure residence.


Imagine trying to sleep at night with all that rustling sounds all around you. Carpenter ants affect the peaceful nature of the home and can easily keep you up all night. They can also deliver very painful stings when you come in contact hence making you walk on eggshells in your own home! Active Pest Control offers effective and permanent solutions for dealing with carpenter ants. Our carpenter ant control services in Langley, surrey. And Abbotsford BC is uniquely tailored to deal with that specific breed of ants and ensure that they never recur. To protect your home from the devastating effects that these ants have, our team can conduct period

checks on your property or premises and inspect for the tell-tale signs of these massive destroyers. Having professional carpenter ant control services on the job reduces the chances of missing the presents of the ants since our team members are well-trained experts who are familiar with all the warning signs. As such, Active Pest Control is dedicated to ensuring the safety and preservation of your property and comfort from the thin crawling menace in all your times of need!


  • Carpenter ants are most likely responsible to spoil food.
  • Small in size and accumulated in very small space in millions of numbers.
  • Most likely the sources cause infection in different ways.
  • Harmful for health, especially the children suffer badly from their infections.
  • Above all, are the reason to spread diseases.
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