Cenforce 150 Mg

The patient may take Cenforce 150 mg Sildenafil before 30 minutes to 1 hour before the planned sexual intercourse. The


Description :

Cenforce 150 mg is a medicine containing sildenafil citrate.This medicine is a cheap substitute for Levitra and Viagra. Order online from mybestchemist & get discounts and offers on all erection medicines . Cenforce 150 mg construction by reformer the blood flow in blood vessels for a better creation. As Cenforce 150 price is affordable, it is prescribe by the doctors as high-power dosage to  trow ED & have a pleasurable sex life.

How to work Cenforce 150 Mg :

As cenforce 150mg is managed in the body, the rigid muscles slowly relinquish up which allows space for the blood vessels to reach the relax state.With the vessel relaxation, the blood influx rate increases and blood pressure adjusts to the normal condition.The vessel relaxation also takes place in the penis which permits a decent amount of blood flow for the erection.The same goes with the hypertension scenario where regular blood supply without any irregularity dilutes the threat of heart diseases.

How to take :

The patient may take Cenforce 150 mg Sildenafil before 30 minutes to 1 hour before the planned sexual intercourse. The patient must be sexually stimulated for the medicine to show its effectiveness.The medicine may not be prescribed to any next patient as it may have adverse effects under specific physical or psychological situations.The current medications should be discussed with the doctor.Cenforce is not for use in combination with other medicines used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction like Tadalista, Vardenafil or more.

How to use Cenforce 150 Mg :

cenforce150mg works by relaxing the muscles of blood vessels in the penis.You should take Cenforce 150mg or Cenforce 200 Tablet around one hour before you expect to participate in sexual relations. If you have the inclination that the effect of 150mg is too much strong or exorbitantly weak, talk, making it difficult to your doctor or medication doctor.

Side effect :

  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Digestion or Sleep Disorders
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Dryness of throat
  • Flushed face or redness on the face
  • Ringing or buzzing in the ears
  • Increase in the blood pressure
  • A Sudden increase in the heartbeat

Dosage :

  • Miss dose :

If you miss a dose of Cenforce 150mg and you still intend to engage in sexual activity, take it as soon as you remember. Continue to take it as directed by your doctor.

  • Over dose :

Cenforce 150mg has been reported for overdose.If overdose happens then you must counsel immediate crisis help. Overdose side effects include painful erection and may also result in permanent damage to the penis.

warning :

It is necessary to consult your doctor before taking Sildenafil Citrate if you are having any kind of allergy.Aged people can be affected by the facet results of the drug.Cenforce 150mg is contraindicated in patients who are under different medications to treat impotence or using a nitrate drug for chest suffering or heart issues.This medicine is not for females and children.Overdose of Cenforce 150mg may lead to breastpain, nausea, anomalous beat, & sentiment mild-headed or fainting.

Storage :

Many drugs lose their potency in high-moist temperature. cenforce 150-mg is one of them.Exposing Cenforce 150 Mg medicine to hot temperature and moist areas like bathroom, balcony, or kitchen might suck the power out of the tablet. As a result, it would take more time than the anticipated or tested timeframe.For specific details, you should be storing it at room temperature which ranges between 20 to 25-degree Celsius. Along with the cold environment, the region should be dry.


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