Cenforce Professional

Cenforce Professional used to increase sexual stamina & increase blood flow in a certain body area. Free shipping available in the USA, UK, France or Australia


Description :  

Buy Cenforce Professional tablets online only when your doctor prescribes it for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in men (ED).Cenforce Professional Sublingual may be taken an hour before the planned sexual intercourse as it shows its effectiveness within 30 to 45 minutes of its consumption.  The medicine has to be consumed by placing under tongue; it then gets dissolved along with the body temperature. As soon as it gets dissolved, the medicine is mixed in blood stream for starting its action mechanism.This drug works by relaxing the blood vessels that are present down there, which then increases the blood flow leading to a full-fledged erection.

Cenforce Professional Uses :

cenforce professional is a world class drug and men all over the globe who have used Cenforce, have reported that it gives them an erection that is very hard and lasts very long.Any medicine should be used under the supervision of your medical physician.The effectivity and the impact of it stay up to 5-6 hours.

How To Cenforce Professional Work :

The vessel relaxation also takes place in the penis which permit the decent amount of blood flow for the erection.Same goes with the hypertension scenario where regular blood supply without any irregularity dilutes the threat of heart diseases.If you take cenforce professional after eating a high fat meal, it may take a longer amount of time to take effect.

Cenforce Professional Side Effects :

periodic drowsiness


facial flushing


back pain

deafness or hearing loss

dry eyes

dry mouth

feeling of something in the eye

lower back or side pain


nausea (severe or continuing)

Dosage of Cenforce Professional :

  • Missed Dose:  

In case a dose is missed it should be taken as soon as the person remembers it and in case the time for the next dosage is near, it should be avoided. This drug should not be missed as it can affect the sexual life of a person.

  • Overdose: 

In case the patient overdoses himself with this drug, immediate consultation is required. It is important to rush the patient to the hospital as soon as possible.

Cenforce Professional Warning :

You should never use this medication with any nitrate prescription as you can have an unexpected drop in your pulse.If your experiance prolonged or painful sex 4 hours or more during intercause, contact immediately. This tablet  does not protact any kind of STD  at a time use condom. If you have health inconveniences of kidney, liver or heart, at that point you should not take this medication. 

Storage :

Storage this tablet cool and safe place. This drug store below 27 to 30 celcius or room temprature.Be assured that the tablets are not damaged while purchasing.

Keep rich out from children or pets. Also reach out of heat, moisture, and sun light.


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