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Chunky Pandey looked dangerous with the actor's killer to look in Saaho, cigar in hand

Chunky Pandey has shared his look in Saaho on Instagram. In the picture, Chunky is seen holding a cigar in his hand. Chunky's daughter and actress Ananya Pandey has also shared this poster.

Chunky Pandey's look has been released from Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor's action thriller film Saaho. Chunky Pandey will be seen in a negative character in the film. Chunky Pandey's character is quite dangerous. In this film, Chunky will be seen playing the role of Devraj. Moviemad

Chunky Pandey has shared his look in Saaho on Instagram. In the picture, Chunky is seen holding a cigar in his hand. Chunky's daughter and actress Ananya Pandey has also shared this poster. Apart from this, the makers of the film have also released the look of Neil Nitin Mukesh and Arun Vijay. In the film, Neil Nitin Mukesh's name will be Jai, same Arun Vijay will be seen as Vishwank. Moviemad

Let us tell you that Chunky was seen as a villain in the film Begum Jaan in the year 2017. He has many interesting films this year. In a conversation with The Indian Express, Chunky Pandey told Saho, "This film is going to be released on August 15. I am not being shown much in promotions for the film, but the truth is that I am in Saaho I will look more dangerous than my life. "

Chunky Pandey had said about his films that 'Housefull 4 is going to be released on Diwali after this film. Apart from this, I am also working in a Marathi film. This film has been directed by Sameer Patil. He has also made a Poster Boys film. "Moviemad

"The production house of Ritesh Deshmukh is producing this film. The name of the film is Bhangarwala. I am also working in Sanjay Dutt's film Prabandham. This film will be released around September. So this year looks very good for me. is."

Significantly, Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor are in the lead in Saaho. The special thing is that on 30 August, Shraddha's second film Chhichhore is going to be released. Stars like Sushant Singh Rajput and Prateik Babbar will be seen in the film. Two films of Shraddha are being released on the same day and it is not often seen with Bollywood stars.Moviemad

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No film director in the world will deny that in any story, a situation of conflict or conflict is the most important. This conflict can be internal as well as external. It is also difficult to imagine any story without any duality. This is why Bollywood has been creating stories on Jammu and Kashmir frequently. Not only has the beauty of Kashmir, popularly known as Jannat on earth, been brought on camera, but it has also been successful in highlighting the tragedy and dark aspects of this place.

In the 60s, Kashmir was considered the prime location for Bollywood films. The first half of the 1961 film Junglee was shot in the snowy mountains of Srinagar. Shammi Kapoor gained immense popularity in this film with the song 'Chahe Koi Mere Junglee Kahe'. With the success of this song, Kashmir became the first choice of tourists besides Bollywood.Moviemad

After this, the work of cashing the beauty of Kashmir was done in many films. Most of the songs in the film Kali Kali were shot around Dal Lake. Many Angles was shot in these films like women riding bicycles in the Valley of Kashmir, the routine of the local people. At the same time, Kashmir was seen only in songs in many films, many films were also released in which the backdrop was made to Kashmir.

The 1965 film Arju was based on a skiing chapter and a local girl's love story. The Shashi Kapoor starrer Jab Jab Phool Khile, released in 1965 on the backdrop of Kashmir, proved to be a Bollywood blockbuster. Join Whatsapp Group

With the beauty and charismatic lyrics of Kashmir, many songs of that era have become immortal. There are many songs like Pardesio to Naa Ankhiyan, A Nargis Mastana, Pukarta Chala Hoon Main, Yeh Chand Sa Roshan Face, which not only helped to make people aware of heaven on earth but also the most brilliant romantic and philosophical songs in the history of Bollywood I managed to register my name. 'Ye Chand Sa Roshan Pyaar', shot at Dal Lake in Kashmir, is still considered as one of Bollywood's most romantic classic.

But with time the local politics of Kashmir changed and its effect was seen in the films as well. After the growing tension between India and Pakistan, terrorist incidents, separatism and the mobilization of Indian Army in Kashmir, the beautiful Kashmir seen in all the films changed. Icy mountains, beautiful instruments still appear in the backdrop, but the subject of films shifted from love and romance to topics like politics, war, army mission, terrorism. Moviemad

Due to the increasing tension in Kashmir in the 90s, there was a tremendous change in the subjects of films. Bollywood started trying to highlight the dark aspects spread in this beautiful valley. Hrithik Roshan's films from Mission Kashmir to Tahan, Fana, Roja, Sikander, Haider have been such that they were seen trying to show the tragedy spread in the entrails of Kashmir.

These films were not only capturing the serial plaintiffs on camera but were also trying to show the gray shades of the army in Kashmir, the general public of Kashmir and the social and other political culture there on the silver screen.Moviemad

At times, it has also been tried to show how an entire generation in the valley has come out for the fire of revenge due to violence in their lives, how some opportunistic and separatist people are using such youth to shine their politics. By showing many such rivals and conflicts with beautiful litigants, people of other countries got exposed to the dark truth with the help of many films.

According to the reality of Kashmir, Bollywood films have changed drastically, in such a situation, after the recent decision of the central government, it is expected that things will change in a positive direction in Kashmir. Home Minister Amit Shah has announced the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir. The government made it clear that Kashmir would be made a union territory from the state so that the terror spread there could be controlled and the path of development in the life of common Kashmiris could be strengthened.

This step is also being seen as an attempt to bring people of Kashmir and the rest of the country together. It will be interesting to see whether things in Kashmir will move in a positive direction or the situation there will go from bad to worse, in such a situation it will be interesting to see that in the coming years, Bollywood terror and duality created in Kashmir will only be on the dark narrative. Will work or will there be changes in films related to Kashmir. Moviemad


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