CloudQ COO Spearheads Salesforce Talent Alliance Partnership

This program provides free IT training and jobs for veterans, along with a range of other underrepresented groups, and supplies companies with Salesforce certified professionals.

CloudQ is the Salesforce Consultant, CloudQ has joined forces with Salesforce Talent Alliance

Salesforce Talent Alliance’s mission is providing IT career opportunities for returning service members, veterans, military spouses, and a range of other underrepresented groups with gainful employment. In the global pandemic, CloudQ is proactively seeking opportunities that will assist our partners in this extraordinary economic moment by hiring ex-military, military spouses, and a range of other underrepresented groups.

Before COVID-19, jobless rates for military veterans was eight times higher than for all youths, and statistics say more than one million veterans applied for unemployment insurance last month alone. Veterans and military families are facing work hurdles, and the employment market will present even more obstacles, and potentially fewer prospects, for all career seekers in this time of instability. This is one reason CloudQ has teamed up with Salesforce. They provide a certificate course that will give underrepresented groups—like veterans—competitive, marketable expertise and experience in Salesforce related positions, and CloudQ can give them jobs.

CloudQ has taken the pledge to build a diverse workforce with Salesforce Talent Alliance. We are proud to commit to inclusive hiring practices, pledge to hire 20% new Salesforce talent in our Salesforce practice and will grant automatic interviews for certified graduates of Salesforce training programs (Salesforce Military and Pathfinder).

“CloudQ is already a diverse workplace, and we welcome the opportunity to expand our employee diversity by committing to a cause as worthy as Salesforce Talent Alliance.” ~ CloudQ COO, Mike Goggin.

The key aim of CloudQ taking part in this program is not just to help people find jobs. Instead, it is about helping this now-qualified, diverse range of people start new jobs with a group of others that are truly accepting. The goal of this initiative is to create a pool of talented people to fill a steadily expanding gap in the digital skills market.

More on How Salesforce Talent Alliance Can Help Find Jobs for Veterans:

Being accredited improves your career options and helps you add to the growth of an organization. Salesforce Certification is Salesforce’s highest accreditation, and it proves you have the expertise to take full advantage of the Salesforce platform. There’s a severe lack of jobs for veterans in the market, but Salesforce can help.

If a veteran earns a Salesforce certification, they will be matched to high-paying and high-demand job prospects within the Salesforce ecosystem and provided with automatic interviews by partners to assist with finding ex-military jobs.

Veterans learn invaluable skills in the military: project management, flexibility, adaptability, how to follow parameters, how to meet a deadline, accountability, and a whole lot more. Learning technology and industry can change the direction of a veteran’s future as he or she transitions back to civilian life.

With the help of Salesforce Talent Alliance, veterans can take what they already know and apply those skills in an IT environment. This gives ex-military jobs while teaching them new, life-changing skills along the way.

“Salesforce Talent Alliance works with a variety of workforce development programs across the globe that are committed to training Salesforce talent like you.” ~ Salesforce Talent Alliance page.

If you’re part of an underrepresented group of people and are interested in applying for the program, you may find more information here:


About the Salesforce Talent Alliance Program for Businesses:

If you’d like to join as a partner, you may do so here:

Your company will be helping to provide jobs for veterans and a vast range of underrepresented people who have been trained by Salesforce to work with the Salesforce platform.

Alliance Members pledge to hire 20% new Salesforce talent for their Salesforce practice and agree to grant automatic interviews for certified graduates of Salesforce training programs.
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