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Cold and Hot Air Purifier Shopping Guide For 2021

Shopping for a new hot and cold air purifier requires far more considerations. We have detailed here some of the essential points that you might check before shopping to acquire complete out of your expectations for your ease.

Shopping for a new hot and cold air purifier requires far more considerations. We have detailed here some of the essential points that you might check before shopping to acquire complete out of your expectations for your ease.

Characteristics to Consider before shopping for an air purifier for winter and summer

Specify You Want

Before shopping for an air purifier with a heater, it's significantly much essential to decide upon your requirements whether you desire both cooling and heating from an Air compressor. If you reside in a warm-weather location throughout the whole calendar year, you do not need to purchase a cold and hot air purifier. In cases like this, a regular air purifier is ideal that offers to cool to a room or living room. But if you live at a place where the weather is scorching and chilly equally, then a cold and warm air purifier is an ideal store.


Determining and choosing an air purifier's suitable ability with a room heater is again an important aspect to consider before you purchase it. The air purifier's capacity to select depends upon the size of the room where you want to install it. The air purifier for rooms is available at a degree that ranges from 1 to 2 tons.

In Bangladesh, an air purifier's capacity is quantified in power, while in many different nations, it's measured in BTUs. One ton is equivalent to 12,000 Btu. Capacity begins from 1 heap and can go up to 2 tons. To ascertain the air purifier's capability in tonnage or Btu, you should first figure out the room size. There are two approaches to figure out the room size.

Volume Size: Assessing the length, width, and height of the space and divide the result by 1000. The outcome is the heaps necessary to your room air purifier.

Area Size:

  • Multiply the length and width of this space.
  • Take the outcome's square root.
  • Now divide the last response by 10.

If you’ve got a Room 12 feet wide, 15 feet long, and 10 feet high, the room's volume is 1800 Cubic Feet. Dividing 1800 to 1000, you obtain t 1.8. So it would help if you had a 1.8-ton air purifier.

Check the following essential factors to ascertain the proper capacity for your air purifier:

If your room and its walls are in Direct Contact with sunlight, raise the capacity by 12-16 percent. If space's elevation is more than 10 feet, increase tonnage by 15%. Consider raising capacity by 1 to 3 tons if the quantity of people in the area is more incredible. Increasing the tonnage by 12% if the room is on the topmost floors or the space becomes direct heat out of the kitchen.

Form of Air Purifier

Another essential element is to select between window air purifiers and divide air purifiers. Usually, window air compressors are inexpensive and straightforward to install. On the other hand, split models appear more appealing, and so they are smooth and silent in operation and offer a better air supply. So, you must first assess the setup area as well as your budget too.

Energy Star

The Majority of the It decides how much energy the appliance will consume. To make it more precise, the higher the star rating, the more the machine is energy efficient. So, before buying an air purifier, it's far better to pick the model with a higher star rating. It will save more energy and also protects your money in paying high power bills.

One of the most significant and widely talked about aspects of air compressors is power saving. In Bangladesh, with more outstanding power bills, it is customary to buy electrical-saving electronic equipment; the air purifier is most important.

Copper Coil vs. Aluminum Coil

The versions with the aluminum condenser are better than the aluminum foil. The copper condenser is excellent for efficient use of power and saves more energy compared to the aluminum foil.

The Function of the Condenser is a must in air purifiers. It collects the heat from the refrigerant and sparks it externally from the external system. Since the condenser is placed beyond the room, the material employed must make it heat effective, rust-proof, and resistant to rust.

Copper has all these properties. It's a higher heat transfer coefficient than aluminum, which makes it a better heat exchanger. An air purifier with an aluminum condenser is much more energy-efficient and saves electricity. Engineered durability is better, and it is easier to repair and maintain than aluminum.

Cost is the only factor at which aluminum condenser is far better than aluminum which signifies aluminum condensers are more economical and hence the air purifier. We strongly recommend going with a copper condenser due to its better heat exchange rate. You will find air Purifiers with metal condensers as well; they're far better than aluminum condensers but better than aluminum.

Air purifier Thermostat

You can set the time from preset to switch off the air purifier after a definite period. The programmable thermostat comes with a setting to modify the mode, temperature, or time of shutting down as per your convenience. One problem with these programmable thermostats is that it requires manual intervention because this often consumer doesn't use this attribute much.

Nowadays, some high-end air compressors have a wise thermostat built-in. Also, some of them are providing it as an external unit. These smart Thermostats can perform much-advanced performance without human intervention; they can start and shut off the air purifier foundation on room temperature, weather condition, and human presence or absence. Additionally, it regulates the temperature based on outside temperatures. This saves energy intake, reduces carbon footprint, and lowers the bill.

In-built Stabilizer

The Samsung air conditioner with an in-built stabilizer can work best in the significant voltage fluctuation condition without damaging its mechanism or parts. So, you don't necessitate acquiring a separate stabilizer for its work.

Having a Stabilizer with costlier electronic or electric equipment is quite common. These protect your device from abrupt low or high voltage fluctuations or thermal overload protection.

The Primary Function of a stabilizer is to maintain the voltage equal to the required electrical power supply and save the equipment from damage. Nowadays' air you don't require additional space to set up, you also avoid the hassle of wiring, and they're fully compatible. They maintain air purifiers protected from altering voltage; this raises the total life of the Whirlpool air conditioner.


Warranty is the most crucial thing when purchasing cold and hot air conditioner. Most manufacturers give limited warranty on air purifiers on different parts, one year on merchandise, one year on condenser, and 4 to 8 years.

Some Companies also provide gas charging in the guarantee. You can save an additional year by paying extra. It is better to inspect the guarantee of this air purifier's component-wise, product, condenser, and compressor out of the manufacturer directly before shopping. Instead of negotiating the price, you can request an extended warranty for the same price.

Most of the reliable brands and manufacturers offer exceptional after-sales service and warranty. It is much better to read the stipulations and all the necessary details on the security and after-sales service before buying your following ac with a blower.

Some More Advanced Features

Turbo mode: that provides instant cooling.

Vehicle Clean Mode: This immediately dries the heat exchanger and consequently prevents bacteria and mold growth.

Active Dehumidifier: Reduce the humidity in the air and so enhances cooling and comfort.

Sleep Mode: Automatically adjusts the comfortable temperature at night while you sleep. It ensures more energy-saving and allows you to sleep more comfortably at a convenient temperature.

Timer Function: It permits you to set the time in the number of hours you want your Midea air conditioner to operate.



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