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Common Snowmobile And ATV Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Most of the Alaskans enjoy moving away from the busy roads to enjoy in the woods as they pass along hilly terrains. When it comes to using the all-terrain vehicle to go about your daily errands, you will not only enjoy the freedom but will be keen on how you operate your ATV. Anyone who has an ATV machine as a means of transportation knows the meaning of safety when it comes to road transport. When ATV machines accidents occur, this can lead to death or severe injuries. The only way to become a pro and avoids becoming the next ATV victim is to know how to take care while driving. Nevertheless, an accident does happen even though most all-terrain vehicle drivers take caution while driving. If an accident happens, you need to know how to take care of your injuries and also obtain justice if the accident was due to someone’s negligence.


Types Of ATV Injuries

Research shows that the number of injuries resulting from snowboarding or skiing has escalated. Thus understanding how to cope with accidents in Anchorage today would help you be in a better position to know how to act if involved in an accident Most of the injuries resulting from snowboarding resemble the injuries obtained in car accidents. Some of these injuries are caused by a lack of protection and the underestimated speed by which these machines are driven. They include:

Spinal cord injury: This mostly happens with rollover accidents. Such injuries may even lead to paralysis. However, it may be difficult to conclude that your ATV accident will lead to paralysis unless you have a qualified doctor who can tell the severity of your injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury:The severity of these injuries is caused by lack of helmet while driving. Since most of the riders are children; they don’t fit in their helmets properly. If an accident happens, most of the times, it leads to death.  If TBI injuries are not managed quickly, they lead to swelling of the skull and if not managed properly, this may cause permanent brain damage.


Knee injuries: Often, when an ATV rolls over, drivers try using their legs to try to stop the ATV from rolling. This ends up injuring the knees in the process.

These injuries may be as a result of

  • Collision with other snowmachine or ATV’s
  • Equipment failure
  • Collision with other objects
  • Hitting another ATV in a parking lot

 Most of the above injuries are caused by negligence. Thus, anyone who has suffered from these injuries and needs to file an ATV lawsuit should ensure to prove that:

  • The other party was negligent enough to lead to the accident. 
  • The terrain you were driving on was poorly maintained
  • Your injuries were as a result of a defective spare part. As such the manufacturer may be held liable to pay for your damages.
  • Your instructor gave you unreasonable instructions which were beyond your capability level.

The damages you may receive for injuries suffered will depend on the severity of injuries. If you need to file an ATV injury lawsuit, the best way is to consult a lawyer who has dealt with ATV litigations.


How To Prevent ATV Injuries

ATV Machines are an adventure to many. As such, anyone who uses them should learn the measures to take to ensure they are safe. ATV machines can easily tip over, that’s why any driver should be keen when driving. Below are tips you may consider to ensure you reduce the risk of suffering injuries after an ATV accident. They include: 

  • Utilize your body weight to remain in control of your machine: This will help you shift your body weight when driving through rough terrains or sharp turns. The driver should not underestimate the power needed to hang on the handlebar either when turning or during acceleration.
  • Have the right motor skill needed to operate the ATV:In most cases, children are allowed to ride on ATVs. This increases the risk of severe injury or death. Thus restricting ridership among children would help prevent these injuries. In Alaska, anyone under the age of 16 years should not ride
  • If not experienced make sure not to ride on steep hills
  • Use of safety helmets among your riders: This may help reduce the risk of head injuries. Though it’s not mandatory to have a helmet while driving an ATV machine in Alaska, it would help you to lessen the impact of the injuries you may suffer.
  • Don’t ride on paved roads as this may make these machines prone to ripping.
  • Avoid being a passenger on a one-person machine.

A smooth ride can become a disaster. However, if your injuries have been caused by someone’s negligence; you need to look for an experienced accident lawyer to help you file your claim and get compensated.


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